K-Pop Stars Share Their Beauty Secrets for Healthy and Flawless Skin

Why are Koreans so beautiful??? Appearance is very important in South Korea and everyone in the country cares about their physical aspects. As I see so far, beauty is a kind of culture there, which is why plastic surgery and cosmetic industries are so advanced. If you visit Korea, you’ll see lots of people fixing […]

5 Skin Care Myths You Should Dispel

The skin care category has seen unprecedented numbers each year. However, not all that glitters is gold. It is important to note that not all information, online as well as offline, is accurate. Most alarming is the number of people who end up ruining their skin through faulty beauty advice. Not everything that is said […]

Top 5 Things You Should Never Apply on Your Face

In general, the thickness of your skin varies all over your body, but the skin on your face is thinner and much more sensitive than the skin on your body. This is why you should be very careful about what you are applying to the face. Finding the right facial skin care products can be […]

Everything You Need To Know About Droopy Eyelids

Droopy eyelids may be present at birth, which is called congenital. Alternatively, it can develop throughout life, but not necessarily in old age. Let’s look at the causes and countermeasures for this phenomenon. Aging is not the first cause of droopy eyelids; the most common cause is improper development of the eyelid-raising muscles. If the […]

Thermal Water: The Best Remedy For Sensitive Skin

Still haven’t found a way to care for your sensitive skin? In this article, we explain why you should use thermal water products in your skincare! Sensitive skin can manifest itself in various ways, including dryness, redness, irritation, roughness, and flakiness. And not just on the face, but on the entire body’s skin and even […]

6 Ways To Protect Your Skin From Smog

Smog is terrible for the skin, and that’s a fact. Wrinkles, spots, blemishes, signs of aging: smog is often not the direct cause of these discolorations, but it can partially aggravate them. The face is a delicate part of the body and, therefore, must always be protected, not only in summer! Those who live in […]

Grandma’s Remedy: Castor Oil For Eyelash Growth

A grandma’s remedy is always very topical for its impressive results! Today, we’ll talk about castor oil. Put it on your eyelashes, eyebrows, nails, and even your hair to see how it works! Every woman dreams of beautiful, long, thick, seductive eyelashes that light up her entire face. Regular use of castor oil allows you […]

Cosmetic Ingredients You Should Avoid Before Sun Exposure

Some cosmetics use substances that increase light sensitivity when applied to the skin (photosensitizers). Some of these substances in cosmetics should be avoided during the summer months. But which ingredients should we watch out for? How can you avoid unwanted reactions? We talk about it in this article! Erythema, mottling, burning, pigmentation: using photosensitizer ingredients […]

Care Tips for Your Acne Prone Skin

Are you still trying various techniques to solve your acne problem to no avail? You have come to the right page, as we have a load of efficient care tips for your acne-prone skin. Have a look below! What causes acne? Your skin contains a multitude of tiny sebaceous glands connected to hair follicles and […]

How to Cover Every Type of Pimple Using Makeup?

People often think that covering acne with makeup will be the biggest mistake they’ll ever encounter. Maybe it’s true, but, when you’ve got a wedding, a college reunion, a first date or an evening party to attend, you have no other choice than to hide the big pimple on your face. What Are Whiteheads? A […]

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