Slugging: Everything You Need to Know on This Trending Skin Care Technique

It is common for facial care routines to include products that promise to improve the complexion without waiting long to show results. This is the case with slugging, a technique that proposes to polish the face with petroleum jelly. This substance, as the University Clinic of Navarra points out, is a formula in the form […]

Different Types of Foot Massages and Their Benefits

Beyond the fact that it may tickle or impress some, there is nothing more relaxing than foot massages. This technique has many properties for our body and, therefore, it is worth taking advantage of it from time to time. Although we sometimes forget about this part of the body, the feet also need some attention […]

Everything You Need to Know About Deep Tissue Massages

Massages are techniques for manipulating the superficial and deep layers of the muscles. Based on this principle, multiple methods have been created with satisfactory results. Among these, deep tissue massage has rapidly gained popularity. It is a series of therapeutic movements that aim to relax both the deepest surface of the muscle and the fascia, […]

Top 8 Natural Facial Care Products For Glowing Skin

Natural facial care: you may have seen the term before, but what does it mean exactly? Below you will find some interesting information and products! Benefits of Natural Facial Care It may be wise to switch to natural skin care products to avoid aggravating skin problems. Regular skin care products often contain chemical ingredients that […]

Itchy Armpits: Reasons and Treatments for This Skin Condition

The hot season begins and our armpits are more affected by sweating. And that’s exactly when irritation and itching in the armpits become frequent and very annoying problems. In fact, various diseases can cause redness, flaking, and burning or itching in the armpits. Since treatment depends on the cause, it is important to make a […]

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