5 Skin Care Myths You Should Dispel

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The skin care category has seen unprecedented numbers each year. However, not all that glitters is gold. It is important to note that not all information, online as well as offline, is accurate. Most alarming is the number of people who end up ruining their skin through faulty beauty advice. Not everything that is said about skincare has a scientific basis.

For this reason, it is essential to gather information appropriately and use only official, scientifically proven sources. There are many false myths about skincare, and we have decided to tackle four of them and dispel them once and for all. Ready to get started? All you need to do is take notes!

1) The Skin Needs to “Drink”

The first false myth about skin, proposed in millions of ads and commercials, is that skin needs moisture to quench thirst and maintain high levels of hydration. This doesn’t mean that the skin actually “drinks”. What actually happens when cream is applied to the face is not that the skin is thirsty and absorbs all of the creams to quench its thirst. The cream creates a protective film that maintains the skin’s moisture level and allows it to stay that way over time. If your skin is dry, tight, or has prominent expression lines, it is not because you are not taking it, but because you are not protecting or caring for it enough. And the difference is not so subtle.

2) Skin Gets Used to Creams

Creams do not lose their effectiveness just because the skin gets used to their principles. Skin does not get used to anything. If you have found a suitable cream, it will have a positive effect on your skin. Lotion does not suddenly become old or unfit. We must listen to our skin. It tells us how it feels and whether it needs to be exfoliated or moisturized. One thing is certain: creams change according to the skin’s needs, not because the skin suddenly gets used to them and no longer feels the benefits of the active ingredients. Creams change with the seasons, as stronger emollients are needed in winter, and lighter formulas are preferred in summer.

3) Makeup Increases the Number of Flaws

Another myth about makeup needs to be dispelled. Many think makeup will damage their skin or make it dirty enough to cause blackheads or acne. This is not the case at all. Makeup does not stain the skin, quite the opposite. On the contrary, it forms a barrier film that protects it from external factors such as air pollution and sunlight. The problem with skincare and makeup is the removal stage. In other words, when you go to remove your makeup, it may not be removed properly. In that case, it makes sense to describe the skin as “dirty” because it has not been cleansed adequately. Even worse, we may go to bed at night without removing our makeup and sleep with our makeup still in place.

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4) Drinking Water Hydrates Your Skin

Drinking water is good for our bodies and keeps our skin hydrated. However, it is important to note that the skin does not drink, so the water we drink does not necessarily help our skin to feel better. This is certainly not bad, but only the right products, tailored to your moisturizing needs, are the true solution for skin hydration!

5) Sun Protection Is Only Necessary When You Are Outdoors

Wearing SPF 30 or higher should be a daily habit. New research shows that not only are we exposed to sunlight even when we spend most of our day indoors, but the artificial blue light from computers and smartphones also ages our skin. However, there are currently no sunscreens that can block the blue light or fluorescent light that causes spots (melasma) and aging.

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5 Skin Care Myths You Should Dispel

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