A beginner’s guide to crystal healing

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We are always looking for new things to de-stress and calm our mental and physical turmoils. Well, my friends, let me introduce you to the world of crystal healing. Though this might seem foreign and far-fetched to you, it is deeply rooted in history and has been practiced for decades and can be dated back to the first civilization in Mesopotamia. We have celebrities like Victoria Beckham or even the infamous Kardashians to thank for introducing the practice to today’s modern world.

What is it exactly?

It is a type of alternative therapy that focuses on using gemstones, as its name suggests, to bring balance to one’s life, body, and mind. Proponents of this type of therapeutic healing believe that they act as conduits for healing and can even treat certain ailments. It allows energy to pass through the body and removes the bad energy and at the same time, any kind of diseases associated with said bad energy. Crystal healing is often used alongside reiki and chakra healing to accentuate their effects.

Types of stone and their specificity:

1. Jasper: Also known as the “supreme nurturer”, this smooth stone is supposed to empower your spirit and support you through stressful times. It absorbs and protects you from bad energy while promoting confidence and courage. This is the perfect stone to take on any serious issues and conquer them.

2. Amethyst: This magnificent purple gem is known for its incredible protective, healing and purifying properties and rids the mind of negative thoughts. It is also said to be the stone of sobriety as it brings you humility and spiritual wisdom. It also aids insomnia as it is believed that this stone makes you sleep better. This is my personal favorite because I love the color purple and Amethyst is my favorite character from Steven Universe.


3. Obsidian: Another protective stone that is believed to shield us from both emotional and physical negativity. It promotes clarity, strength, and passion and gets rid of any emotional blockage and helps you find your true self. It also reduces pains and cramps and aids in digestion and detoxifies the body.

4. Rose quartz: As its name suggests, this pink gemstone is associated with love. It is one of the most famous stones out there because of its pretty, attractive and vibrant color. It is believed to restore trust and harmony in any relationship and improve close connections. It also provides support and comfort during one’s period of grief and encourages love, respect and self-worth.

5. Moonstone: it is known as the gem of new beginnings as it is said to encourage inner strength and growth. This is the perfect stone for anyone starting a new leaf as it soothes the unease feeling of starting a new job or living in a new apartment and puts you on the path of success. It apparently promotes positive thinking intuition and inspires you.

How to take care of your crystal:

The above list is not a definitive and complete list of crystals, but it lays the grounds for your future endeavor in crystal healing. If you decide to get a crystal, you also need to take care of and cleanse it regularly so that it can do its job properly. Whenever you buy your first crystal, you have to cleanse it as soon as you get home. Rinse it under cold water as the latter is a natural source of energy purifier. Cleanse it with a bit of sea salt and burn some sage to get rid of all the impurities and negative energy previously attached to it. Leave it to dry under morning sunlight or with the light of the full moon to let light filter through it.

Remember, prior to buying your first crystal identify what you need it for and then decide what to buy; some spiritual healers tell you to let your soul guide you to the crystal it needs, and some people’s first crystal is the one associated with their birthdays.

Sound off in the comments below if you are going to purchase your first crystal or if you already have somewhat was your first one?

A beginner’s guide to crystal healing

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