Beauty Pageant Queens Reveal Their Get-Gorgeous Secrets

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Beauty Pageant Queens Reveal Their Get-Gorgeous Secrets

Want to talk about flawless beauty? These are it! Main beauty Pageants like Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss Universe and Miss World set a very high standard for beauty, even often being criticized for being unrealistic.

However, if you had the chance to learn about all the beauty tricks for winning the tiara, wouldn’t you grab it?

#1. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – Miss World 1994

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – Miss World 1994

Nobody can beat the ageless beauty and elegance of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. From her captivating grey eyes to her well-defined lips, she is considered as the epitome of beauty and grace and it doesn’t look like her reign is going to end any time soon.

But, it’s neither her dark black kohl nor the Sabyasachi’s designer kurtas and saris that takes the Indian beauty to a whole new landmark.

Apparently, the diva swears by a couple of beauty secrets:

  • Her skincare routine consists of a face pack of besan, milk and turmeric. Sometimes, she might even use a cucumber mask to hydrate her skin or a yogurt-based one to keep her skin glowing.
  • If you wonder about the secret behind her long, healthy and lustrous locks, try massaging your scalp with natural oils such as coconut oil or olive oil. Sometimes, you might add eggs to the mixture.
  • When it comes to diet, the actress strictly prohibits herself from consuming junk food or any sort of fattening food. She prefers boiled vegetables and brown rice.
  • And, the secret behind her fit and sexy figure lies in the power of yoga.

#2. Kim Jinsol – Miss Korea 2016

Kim Jinsol – Miss Korea 2016

As a huge huge fan of K-drama and K-pop, I’d say that South Koreans are very sensitive about their appearance—what they wear, the type of bag they carry, their makeup, their hairstyle – these beauty symbols are very important.

Beauty is not only a feature but more a kind of power.

Following her coronation as Miss Korea 2016, the then 24-year-old beauty queen revealed some of her beauty secrets on an episode of KBS’ Beauty Bible.

I start the day by drinking a glass of juice and for that, I blend various leaves vegetable including lettuce, perilla leaves, avocado and one glass of non-fat milk, one spoon of green apple powder and half a spoon of honey. But the key ingredient is Angelica Gigas, which was initially used in Korean medicine.

My next beauty secret is called the Da Vinci Bodyboard yoga. As a unique approach to fitness, it is pretty intense but can actually help to create a beautiful silhouette for your body.”

#3. Prissila Howard – Miss Peru 2017

Prissila Howard – Miss Peru 2017

For the Peruvian model, physical beauty is a mere reflection of inner beauty and to reach that temple, you need a book.

Excuse me, what?

You read it right!

The diva’s main beauty secret is to read a book first thing in the morning. It motivates her and gives her the positive vibe to start the day on the right foot.

I’m sure it sounds like great news for all bookworms, but don’t ask me if reading a Stephen King novel first thing in the morning can indeed give you lots of positive energy for the day.

#4. Monalysa Alcântara – Miss Brazil 2017

Monalysa Alcântara – Miss Brazil 2017

The human body is like a temple that you must always take good care of.

If you want a spectacular and shiny skin like the Monalysa (definitely not talking about the woman on Leonardo da Vinci’s famous portrait), you need to sleep at least 8 hours a day.

The result? You’ll see it in your mood and your hair.

#5. Alexandra Curtis – Miss Rhode Island 2015

Alexandra Curtis – Miss Rhode Island 2015

Good news for all you ladies who are looking for a refreshing look in the morning.

Here’s what the beauty diva does for that:

My secret lies in peppermint tea bags and I don’t just use them for drinking. Every night I will dampen two bags and let them chill in my fridge. In the morning, I take them out and lie down with them under my eyes for 10 minutes. It’s my secret to looking refreshed and doing away with under-eye circles.”

I really wonder how these contestants can stand on the stage while all eyes are on them, judging them as they walk, turn and pose. But, when these beauty queens are sharing their beauty secrets, I guess I’ll be the first in line. What about you?

Beauty Pageant Queens Reveal Their Get-Gorgeous Secrets

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