Christians and Plastic Surgery: What Does God Have to Say About It?

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Christians and Plastic Surgery: What Does God Have to Say About It?

If you stand in front of the mirror for a long time, some experts say that you will start noticing things that you don’t like. Maybe you don’t like your nose that’s too big. Or, is it the skin that’s too flabby? Or, maybe you don’t have to look in the mirror to notice such things. You have these physical flaws already imprinted in your mind. And, they’ve been haunting you for years, making you self-conscious around more “pretty” or “handsome” people.

It’s a shame to say that we live in a world that’s obsessed with diets, weight loss, physical appearance and of course, plastic surgeries. Doctors may not have found the cure for cancer and AIDS yet, but at least they can give you a wrinkle-free face or plump, gorgeous lips like Angelina Jolie –if you’ve got the money for it.

It’s stunning how celebrities are not the only ones who are ready to pay and put up with the temporary discomfort of this aesthetic procedure. Today, people no longer mind lifting their breasts, smoothing their brows, streamlining their noses, augmenting their chins and padding their buttocks. Many years ago, these plastic surgeries used to receive the opposite response from the society, but today, gone is the “hush-hush.”

If you want a flat stomach or big boobs like Kim (I’m sure you know which “Kim” I’m talking about) and have the money to spend, a skilled surgeon can give you exactly what you want.

People are quick to run after things that can make them decades younger and sexier, but as believers and followers of Christ, are we allowed to get plastic surgery?

Acceptable Cases

Acceptable CasesLast year, we met a Christian woman whose 3-year-old son had burnt his mouth through an extension cord. After praying, the parents brought the kid to a plastic surgeon because they couldn’t leave their kid’s face distorted. Fortunately, the surgeon was able to restore the proportion and symmetry of the boy’s mouth.

This case illustrates how plastic surgeries are not always meant for aesthetic purposes. Sometimes, plastic surgeries are recommended by doctors to correct a birth defect or a huge scar from an accident.

Such cases are not defined by the Bible but since they are medical procedures purely meant for functional purposes and not to alter someone’s physical appearance, I deem it acceptable.

However, one should still pray and receive a confirmation sign by God.

Idolizing the Body

Idolizing the BodyWhy do people want to have a nose job? What is the reason behind today’s obsession with cosmetic surgery?

Because they want a more beautiful skin. They want to change the size of their nose. They want a stronger chin and pouty lips.

And, why are they looking for a more attractive nose or larger lips? What is wrong with staying how they are?

They don’t like how they look. They hate themselves and want to look like The Kardashians.

So, literally, it’s like saying you hate how God created you and instead you want to look like someone who’s alienated her whole body and face with fake this and fake that.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look beautiful, but something is off when you are driven by this beauty-obsessed culture and start wrestling with your Christian belief.

The message of this modern culture is clear: You are flawed and hence need to be fixed. Another interpretation could be that the body given by God is flawed and only man can fix it. Isn’t it then an insult to God’s creation?

One thing I don’t get is why people are dead set on resembling each other. If God wanted all of us to have the same nose, same lips and same body, He would have created robots instead of humans.

I am not addressing to everyone here. My message is to those who believe in Christ. If you believe in Him, why can’t you believe in Psalms 139: 13-14?






Christians and Plastic Surgery: What Does God Have to Say About It?

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