Different Types of Foot Massages and Their Benefits

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Beyond the fact that it may tickle or impress some, there is nothing more relaxing than foot massages. This technique has many properties for our body and, therefore, it is worth taking advantage of it from time to time.

Although we sometimes forget about this part of the body, the feet also need some attention to stay healthy and look good. In this article, we tell you the benefits of including this practice in your skincare routine. Interested in learning more? Read on!

Key Benefits of Foot Massages

For hundreds of years, in traditional medicine, massages have been used as a way to relieve pain and contractions. In the case of the feet, this practice has proven to have the ability to relax and calm the mind and body.

Ancient beliefs indicate that the feet are not only important for walking or standing, but also because they are connected to the other organs of the body through “energy channels”.

Many foot energy point massage techniques are based on the idea that if the feet are tired, the mind and body will be tired too. This area of the body is both resistant and sensitive, as plants have a large number of nerve endings.

This is why, when massaging them, one feels a more than pleasant sensation of well-being and relaxation. In this regard, a Harvard Medical School publication points out that foot massages improve circulation, stimulate muscles, reduce tension and can relieve pain.

Types of Foot Massages

A good foot massage is not just about pressure and circular movements, but about enjoying the session according to our needs and tastes. There are different types of foot massages. The most common and easily accessible are the following:


This is perhaps one of the best known and most used to treat physical and emotional disorders. Reflexology is based on the fact that different areas correspond to certain organs and systems in the body. Apparently, pressure on these energy points relaxes and soothes the part of the body to which they are linked.


How To Use A Thai Massage Wooden Stick | Foot massage techniques,  Acupressure, Acupressure points

This technique is the western version of acupuncture and is performed by pressing on certain points of the body to relax muscles, reduce tension, emotional problems and symptoms of certain diseases.

Tai Chi Gi Gon

This is a self-massage that is performed on the hands as well as on the feet and legs and has relaxation objectives. Widely practiced in China, it is called in the West “tense-muscular massage” because, as its name indicates, it stimulates the tendons and muscles. In addition, it is said to help prevent the onset of circulatory problems.


Shiatsu is a massage that can be applied to the whole body, but especially to the soles of the feet and hands. It involves stimulating specific points by applying pressure with the joints and elbows. It is believed that this practice helps to improve blood circulation and provides great relaxation.


This is a “conventional” massage (like those practiced in any center) but adds other elements such as audiotherapy or aromatherapy. It is usually done as a couple and includes a conversation for best results.


It aims to open the energy channels that are blocked (and that cause illness) and to balance emotions and thoughts. It helps to reduce stress and revitalize the body. Herbal oils are often used to intensify the cleansing process and moisturize the skin.

Other Benefits of Foot Massages

In addition to those listed above, foot massages have many benefits. We can use it to relax but also to treat certain diseases and conditions. Find out more about its main benefits below.

They Promote Blood Circulation

It is said that the ability to oxygenate the body increases if one receives regular foot massages. The best time of the day to do them is at sunset because it will also help us sleep better.

They Reduce Menopausal Symptoms

Women approaching this stage of life can benefit from reflexology to balance body temperature and avoid so-called “hot flashes. ”

They Help Relieve Pain

If we take a wrong step, the repercussions can reach the whole body but especially the legs, knees and hips. A good foot massage helps prevent pain in the ankles, calves and muscles of the lower extremities.

As you can see, the benefits of foot massages are numerous. In addition to helping you relieve localized pain, you can have a moment of relaxation and enjoy better rest. How about a good foot massage tonight? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Different Types of Foot Massages and Their Benefits

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