Discover the World’s Wackiest Massage Therapies

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Discover the World’s Wackiest Massage Therapies

Can there be something more awkward than getting into a room with a total stranger, taking your clothes off only to have them rub you all over for money?

After a tiring day at work, the dream of a relaxing massage therapy on a beach in Borneo comes without asking. In fact, our natural human instincts turn to them, especially in times of need, because massages can relieve pain, reduce stress and boost our overall well-being. It doesn’t come as a surprise that even ancient civilizations relied on massages to help keep the muscles loose and enjoy a stronger immune system.

Today, massage comes in different types and forms, including all kinds of techniques from smooth and fluid to hard and stimulating movements. Be it an old or new technique, each massage therapy is unique. However, the downright wacky ones do really stick in your mind. The ones where you are lying on the table with a squirming and squinting face like Jack Sparrow when he is about to be hanged and wondering, “when the hell will it be over?”

#1. Snake Massage

Snake Massage

They say that ophidiophobia – the fear of snakes – is one of the most common fears people hold (be it adults or kids). I guess if you are among these people, seeing a huge python will undoubtedly scare the wits out of you. Well, what if that gigantic python was wrapped around you?

One of the most popular massage treatments that are taking off around the globe is having a 550-pound snake slithering across your body for a soothing massage. In Southeast Asia, local people are quite familiar with this horrible technique, but some from the West are still uncomfortable with it.

Even if the snake massage is drawing people day by day (crazy people), I confirm this is what would have made me want to run away from the massage room screaming.

#2. Cactus Massage

Cactus Massage

Growing extensively and found almost everywhere throughout the country, the cactus has even become an enduring symbol for Mexico. Is it this cactus abundance that led to the invention of the cactus massage?

You are probably thinking that a cactus massage would be like the painful version of acupuncture, but I swear it’s pain-free (hey, I said I swear!)

You see, all the needles in the paddles are expertly removed and then used for the massage therapy. What’s more, the hydrating effect sets the whole massage experience as a purely exquisite one. In fact, once you go through this unique experience, you are always going to yearn for a cactus massage rather than having a handsome man with strong hands rubbing you down.

#3. Slapping Massage

Slapping Massage

Laugh it all out but women from Asian countries believe that slapping massage can help to look younger.

Also known as the massage boxing, the origins of the face slapping massage go way back to ancient Thailand, where a smack was believed to be great for the skin. It seems like this twisted belief found its way somehow to modern times, where people use gentle pats and less painful smacks with the hope of stimulating their collagen production and boosting their blood circulation.

Honestly, if Gong Yoo was my massage therapist, I would have even agreed to put my neck on the guillotine board for him (huge Squid Game fan here!)

#4. Elephant Massage

Elephant Massage

Elephants have always played critical roles throughout the history of Thailand, earning them the sacred reputation as the national symbol of the country. It explains why Kham sacrificed his life for a daunting mission to save two elephants.

However, no matter how significant they are for the country, does it seem reasonable to have this incredibly heavy animal lifting its foot and placing it on your back for a “gentle” massage?

How about rating the most awkward massage on the list? Oh and awkward as in watching fifty shades of grey with your in-laws.




Discover the World’s Wackiest Massage Therapies

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