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micellar water

Micellar water is an innovative skincare product that helps to clean and tone the skin. It is an excellent alternative to traditional makeup removers and facial cleansers. Although it has been on the market for more than 20 years, it is a product that is still not very well known but is increasingly in demand. Women who have used micellar water (especially models) have been delighted with it and would not want to change it for any product in the world, but what exactly is micellar water used for, and what is it?

What is Micellar Water?

The name micellar water is derived from micelles, spherical aggregates that form surfactants (a component of cleaning detergents) in solution in water. The mutually repelling micelles prevent oil and lipid particles from reuniting and being left suspended in the water.

Sometimes other substances such as oligo-elements (minerals), moisturizing and softening factors, plant extracts, etc., are added to these two elements, depending on the different functions of the product.

What is Micellar Water Used For?

Micellar water is used to cleanse, remove makeup, and tone the face. Thanks to their surfactant properties, micelles can quickly and gently absorb impurities and all traces of makeup, leaving the skin clean, soft, and compact. It is an excellent solution for cleansing and refining the skin, leaving it smooth, hydrated, and instantly ready for the next treatment.

Depending on the ingredients added to the base formula, micellar water can have different functions and target specific skin types; for example, we can find a particular formula for oily skin that promotes the reduction of excess sebum, a formula more suited to dry skin that leaves a light protective layer on the face, or even a soothing formula that reduces redness.

There are different brands and types on the market, for example, enriched with hyaluronic acid or, for organic cosmetics lovers, with ingredients of natural origin that are not chemical and harmful to the skin.

Properties of Micellar Water 

When we talk about micellar water, we often hear about “intelligent” cleansing, referring to its ability to cleanse the skin down to the deepest layers without damaging the protective barrier of the dermis that protects it from external agents.

Micellar water also combines the properties of cleansing milk and a toner in one product, with the advantage of not leaving the skin dry and non-greasy.

The most crucial feature of micellar water is that it has high exfoliating power and can remove all makeup residues quickly and without aggressive action; thanks to this privilege, micellar water has made its way behind the scenes of TV shows and fashion shows to replace the makeup of models more quickly.

Subsequently, cosmetic companies, aware of the benefits of widening the range of users, launched a version suitable for the daily makeup removal of all women at affordable prices.

Micellar Water
Micellar Water

How To Use Micellar Water

To use micellar water, pour a few drops onto a cotton pad and proceed as you would when cleaning your face or removing makeup. It is preferable to use several discs to remove makeup from different parts of the face, and heavy eye makeup also requires several additional discs.

To make the treatment more effective and easier to remove waterproof makeup, it is recommended to place the pads soaked in micellar water on the eyelids for a few seconds to allow the product to take effect and then gently pat in.

Even if the packaging states that the micellar water does not need to be rinsed off, it’s always better to wipe your face with a cotton pad dipped in water to complete the cleansing process or use a cleanser to rinse your face.

In short, micellar water is a cosmetic product with various qualities, with the first being cleaning the skin with a few gestures without irritating it. Have you tried micellar water? Which one do you like best? Let us know in the comments below!

Everything You Need To Know About Micellar Water

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