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If you haven’t noticed, sheet masks have become a bigger trend than Snapchat’s flower crown filter. That’s right. No hassle, no mess, no problem! Here’s what sheet masks are and why you should use them!

What Is a Sheet Mask?

It may sound like a new facial care trend, but it’s certainly not. Sheet masks have long been used in Asia to soothe the skin, and it has become their secret beauty treatment. Well, until now. Sheet masks are face-shaped cloths that contain skin-friendly ingredients such as vitamin B5, botanicals such as agave, minerals such as clay, and natural oils such as jojoba. This mask is very cleverly designed to absorb the ingredients into the skin while you enjoy a few minutes of wonderful rest. The result is incredibly soft, fresh, and radiant skin when the mask is removed.

Why Do You Need To Use a Sheet Mask?

People who travel a lot and go to bed late often put up with a lot of pressure on their bodies and skin. Then again, sheet masks are excellent. They give your skin renewed energy so that you can face tomorrow’s adventure with renewed courage. Sheet masks help to moisturize, soften, and de-stress tired, rough, and dry skin. Why not take 15 minutes for yourself with a sheet mask to relax after a long day?

How To Use The Sheet Mask?

  • Read the leaflet. Don’t apply a mask with a 15-minute processing time for 5 minutes more just because you have time. There is no point in leaving it on too long, and it can irritate.


  • Wash your face clean and dry it. Don’t forget this step as it removes dead skin cells so that the mask can penetrate more deeply and remove any impurities left under the mask. Do you have sensitive skin? Then finish the cleansing process with neutral micellar water. This will also minimize the chance of irritation and the possibility of residual tap water acting on your skin.


  • Open the pack, unpack the mask, and place it on your face. Make sure that the mask fits properly over your entire face. Sheet masks are one size fits all, but since every face is different, we recommend starting from the forehead and working your way down to the bottom of the mask.


  • Doing the mask in the bath or bed is ideal. It’s inconvenient to do it while your head is facing upwards (because of gravity) to prevent the mask from falling off.


  • Remove the mask, but do not wash off your skin. You can simply massage in the remaining serum. There is no need to apply a day/night cream after such masks since this is usually very moisturizing.


 Sheet and Face Masks
Sheet and Face Masks

Leaving the Mask on for a Long Time

We all tend to think that the longer we leave the mask on, the more effective it will be. However, this is not the case. Leaving the mask on for a long time can be counterproductive for the skin. The mask sheet will start to dry out and take moisture away from the skin. Therefore, follow the recommended duration listed on the package.

Discarding the Remaining Essence in the Packet

Sheet masks are soaked with essence, so there is often enough left in the packets after use. They are precious, so don’t throw them away! Instead of throwing it away, apply the essence to other parts of your body or keep it in a bottle to use a few days later.

Do you like using sheet masks? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Everything You Need To Know About Sheet Masks

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