Forbidden Fruits: Common Body Taboos Most Women Struggle With

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Forbidden Fruits: Common Body Taboos Most Women Struggle With

Waking up in the 21st century, I’ve realized that many women are ashamed to talk about the catfish whiskers that sprout near the upper corners of their mouths or about the winkling of their boobs.

Mouths remain shut and eyes are reverted to Google.

See, I don’t have a perfect body – not that I like to brag about it – but to stress oneself over beauty routines sounds outright ridiculous to me.

And, why all that embarrassment?

All because you don’t look like Rapunzel or Barbie?

#1. Butt Acne

Butt Acne

As if the thought of wearing a bikini and parading in public places was not frightening enough, little bumps on your butt can take that terror to new heights.

Believe it or not, the butt is the new face – all thanks to selfies of one’s backside, most commonly known as “belfies.”

This ongoing trend has made many obsessed with butt facial and hating buttne – acne of the butt.

I get you want to break out that thong and feel like Kim Kardashian.

Does that mean stooping to self-loathing?

I find it pointless to look in front of the mirror, saying how much you hate your butt all because of those small red bumps on your booty.

#2. Facial Hair

Facial Hair

Confession time: I’m a woman with a mustache and I think it grows even quicker than that of an average male.

But, you won’t see me hiding my face behind a mask or hating my own face. I am at such a huge distance away from being that person.

There’s simply no sense to this.

But. Still. You’ve got many who don’t like to talk about that.

Ok, I get it’s something a woman is bound to feel a little bit self-conscious about.

But, come on, it’s not as if you are going to turn into a caveman.

Blame it on genetics (or your parents) and thank your lucky stars you are born in a world with electrolysis and laser hair removal.

Whatever you do, don’t suffer in silence.

#3. Wisdom Stripes

Wisdom Stripes

We are now moving to a part that is most difficult for many women. Also, something that not many will talk about. Except me, of course.

Mankind is responsible for setting a benchmark to define beauty and that’s what made most aware of their “imperfections” and being ashamed of their bodies.

You’ve got different types of stretch marks, with some stemming from giving birth while others come from weight variations.

But, why do you have to feel such embarrassment?

Nearly everyone has them. Look around you – that woman sitting in front of you may have stretch marks too. So does the woman to your right or even that young girl to the left.

Back in the early 19th or 20th century, women would sit in silence. Today, the world is open for body positivity, where social media can be used to embrace stretch marks like never before.

Take a look at Instagram and you’d find several women posing in front of the camera, showing to the world how they don’t give a damn care to odd or ugly stretch marks.

Posting snaps of stretch marks on social media, as per many, can make upcoming generations accept and love their bodies.

#4. Outgrown Eyebrows

Outgrown Eyebrows

We’ve advanced a long way over some difficult terrains, but we are still fighting against the fact outgrown eyebrows are a vile look – an idea shaped by the society.

I don’t know how it feels to have outgrown eyebrows, but I know many who are filled with internalized misogyny because of it.

A game plan exists, though and shaping these types of eyebrows really helps.

We all feel the same. While we all don’t go nuts over armpit fat or facial hair, we always end up wishing we’d have a body like Jennifer Lopez. But, somewhere, it made me realize that these are nothing to be ashamed of. It made me realize more how stupid we are to hide our natural and unique body features.







Forbidden Fruits: Common Body Taboos Most Women Struggle With

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