How Can You Take Care of Your Breasts?

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Breasts can lose firmness over time. Is it possible to help the skin support them? Are there exercises that really work? Let’s find out!

The breast is a vital part of our body. However, it is neglected and almost forgotten, especially when we are young. Unfortunately, this is a big mistake. Breasts also require a healthy daily routine, but that is not all. A healthy lifestyle, proper diet plan, sports, and correct bra selection are fundamental for breast care and overall health. In this article, you will find many practical and easy breast care tips.

1) Firming Creams and Massage

There is no magic formula for firming the breasts; it depends mainly on genetics. The shape and firmness of the breasts vary from woman to woman, but taking care of yourself will only improve the health of your breasts. Firming creams will not tighten and perfect your breasts, but they will help keep your skin more elastic, glowing, and, therefore visibly healthier and firmer. Applying the cream daily will help keep your skin more elastic. In addition, massaging in a circular motion from the bottom to the top will provide a temporary but visible lift to the breasts.

2) Diet

We often see advertisements for collagen-rich water and supplements, but the fact is that the collagen we need to keep our skin firm and elastic is found in the food we eat. Proper nutrition benefits not only the body, but also the breasts. One of the reasons for the loss of breast firmness or emptiness is that flash diets that promise to lose many pounds empty the body too quickly, creating hollow or excess skin. A healthy diet rich in essential nutrients is good for the breasts. In addition, rapid dieting leads to empty breasts, which are not beautiful and healthy. Never go on a drastic diet on your own, and always seek medical advice.

3) Fitness Exercises

Exercising the pectoral muscles will tighten the breasts. No, this remedy will not magically increase your size, but it will undoubtedly positively affect the muscles and your entire body.

Here are a few fitness exercises to keep your breasts in shape:

  • Push-ups
  • Dumbbells
  • treadmill exercises
  • Planks

4) Choosing the Right Bra

Choosing the proper support for your breasts is vital for their health. We sometimes select bras that do not fit our body shape, which can harm our physical health. The best bras are comfortable and not too constricting. The most important part is the part that contains the cups rather than the straps themselves.

There are many cups on the market that correspond to different breast sizes. It is often assumed that cups are only available in size D, but there are a variety of sizes, some of which may not be well known. We live with the myth that squeezed breasts with push-ups. Breasts should be embraced, not squeezed, and choosing the best size takes trial and error and time. Please don’t be judgmental and take your time to find the right bra for you.

Learn the right method for Breast Self Examination (BSE)| PatientsEngage

5) Checkups by a Specialist

Breast care should be a priority at all ages. That is why it is essential to have regular examinations before age 40!

Here are some of the specialized examinations and treatments to be performed.

Breast palpation: Palpation can be performed at any age after development. It is essential to learn how to do this to encourage self-observation. Examine each part of the breast by applying pressure with the fingertips of the hands, especially the index, middle, and ring fingers, in a circular motion.

Echography: indicated after age 30 for the use of ultrasound to detect lumps.

Mammography: an actual breast x-ray, available at age 40 and helpful in detecting signs such as lumps and calcifications.

How Can You Take Care of Your Breasts?

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