Itchy Armpits: Reasons and Treatments for This Skin Condition

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The hot season begins and our armpits are more affected by sweating. And that’s exactly when irritation and itching in the armpits become frequent and very annoying problems.

In fact, various diseases can cause redness, flaking, and burning or itching in the armpits. Since treatment depends on the cause, it is important to make a correct diagnosis.

What Diseases Can Cause Lesions in the Armpits?

The most common causes of armpit itching are:

Irritant Dermatitis: aggressive hair removal, vigorous washing or the application of deodorants with substances with a strong astringent (or drying) effect such as aluminum salts or alcohol, which can alter the skin barrier.

People with sensitive skin are especially prone to this irritation. It is not a true allergy, but the consequence of a mechanical or exaggerated effect.

Allergy to Deodorant: it is probably the most frequent cause. It occurs when there is sensitization to the components of the deodorant such as perfumes or preservatives. This results in redness, peeling, and a lot of itching that gets worse after each application.

It is important to bear in mind that this sensitization can appear late, and make us allergic to a specific type of deodorant even if we have been using it for a long time.

Fungal Infection: The armpits are a “closed” area of our body, so they have a tendency to accumulate moisture and heat from perspiration. This humid and hot environment favors the appearance of fungal infections, fundamentally of the candidiasis type, causing axillary candidiasis. The appearance of small pustules on the periphery of the lesions is typical.

Although some other diseases such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis can affect the armpits, it is not a very common location and the diagnosis is relatively simple if there are lesions in other areas.

How Is Itchy Armpits Treated?

The treatment of itchy armpits depends on the cause that produces it. Irritant dermatitis improves when the cause of the irritation is removed, but if the inflammation is very intense, it may be necessary to add topical corticosteroids.

If it is an allergy to deodorant, you must stop using it and bear in mind that any other product with the substance that has caused the sensitization will cause the allergy again. The identification of the ingredient(s) responsible for the allergy is done through specific tests carried out by a professional.

When the allergy causes a lot of discomfort, it is necessary to use a topical corticosteroid to quickly improve the symptoms. In case of candidiasis, topical antifungal creams should be used.

How Should You Choose Your Deodorant?

There are many types of deodorants, with different components aimed at preventing sweating and avoiding underarm odor. To choose a good deodorant, keep in mind the following tips:

• Preferably use products whose astringent or drying capacity is not excessive and thus irritate your armpits.

• Choose products that respect the physiological pH of the skin and do not alter the skin barrier. It is the first step to irritation.

• If you have sensitive skin, use products indicated for you, such as balsamic formulations. It is the way to avoid aggressive substances that your skin would not tolerate well.

• If you use deodorant after waxing, choose alcohol-free products to avoid stinging and irritation.

There you go! You now know more about this skin condition and how you can care and treat it. For how long have you been suffering from itchy armpits and what remedies have you tried so far? We would love to read from you so don’t forget to share all your tips with us by leaving a comment in the section below.

Itchy Armpits: Reasons and Treatments for This Skin Condition

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