Let’s Exercise Our Way to a Healthy Skin

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Many of us are in need of a fresh start after last year, so why not fill up on fresh air and outdoor exercise. Since it has been unusually dark and rainy in our latitudes, outdoor time has been non-existent for many of us. Daylight and some form of exercise are incredibly important for wellness. You don’t need to run a marathon, a brisk walk is all it takes to get the blood flowing. If you are one of those who have the discipline to run, just drive!

While walking, you can stop at an outdoor gym, wear a weight vest, maybe run a few intervals, or just walk faster than you usually do. If you can then do it with someone you usually meet (considering the pandemic), that’s a bonus. Many of us need companionship, to talk, laugh and exchange thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Others want to exercise alone – the brain gets a valuable break and you can clear your mind. Exercise releases endorphins that, among other things, improve mood and make us feel better. So it doesn’t matter if you work out in a group or individually, it’s more about the donor per person and the fact that it’s done.

Exercise not only benefits the body and the bud but also the skin. When we exercise, the skin also gets blood, oxygen and nutrients to a greater extent. You increase blood flow and nutrient delivery to every cell, the skin feels better and looks better.

It’s important to keep in mind, now that it’s a little colder outside, not to wash the skin too often, especially if it’s already dry and sensitive. Also keep in mind that you can replace your face cream with a richer variation this year, as the skin not only needs to be moisturized, but also greased. You can also replace your face cream with a mask 2-3 times a week, then sleep with it. The next day, the skin will be soft as silk.

If you must be outside when it’s cold, consider using some form of climate cream. This type of cream acts like a woolen garment for the skin and contains little to no water, especially so that the skin does not freeze and lose moisture. This type of cream is more pasty and retains moisture.

If you exercise during the day, you get daylight (and if you’re lucky, also sunlight) on you, which is great because sunlight increases the vitamin D content in the body. This in turn increases your well-being and makes you more alert. Exercise and vitamin D can also reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

How to maintain healthy skin through exercise?

In other words, the benefits of exercising outdoors are many:

– you get to enjoy the fresh air

– you can have a social life (if you want to)

– you increase your vitamin D levels

– you reduce stress

– you feel better

– your skin gets a wonderful boost

Feel free to supplement this walk which can help increase your vitamin D levels with a little vitamin D from within. The best way to get extra vitamin D from food is to eat fish – preferably fatty fish like salmon and mackerel – or eggs. Here is a salmon salad for 4 people with extra vitamin D and other skin nutrients;

“Salmon Salad”



4 eggs

100 g mixed salad leaves

4 boiled potatoes, diced

1 bunch of radishes, divided

0.5 red onions, grated

150 g frozen green soybeans, thawed

200 g cold smoked salmon

2 dl chopped herbs, such as dill and chives

Chive vinaigrette :

1 egg

2 teaspoons white wine vinegar

1 teaspoon dijon mustard

1.5 dl of neutral oil

cayenne pepper

0.5 dl finely chopped chives


Hopefully, you’ll also sleep better tonight with exercise, and then most importantly, regular exercise is positive for sleep. Sleep also does wonders for your skin.

So do you have any further tips to have a glowing skin? Share it in the comments below.

Let’s Exercise Our Way to a Healthy Skin

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