Let’s Learn More about Spray Tanning Before Getting Yours

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What is a Spray Tan?

Some people call it sun shower, sun spray or airbrush tanning. Call it whatever you want, but I call it a spray tan. And this is, in my opinion, the best way to go “sunless brown”, at least when done correctly. This technique consists of spraying the skin to create a smooth, natural looking tan surface. The spray contains a natural substance called DHA. This is a colorless, natural substance that reacts with the outer layer of the skin to create pigment. If this is your first time considering spray tanning, there is absolutely no need to worry. And you’ve reached the right place to learn more about it before getting yours. Enjoy!

What are the Benefits?

Sunlight and tanning beds are not healthy for the body. A spray tan can give you a natural golden brown color without the risk of wrinkles, sun eczema, burns or skin cancer! You get a faster result than if you tan naturally or in a solarium. People who have difficulty tanning in the sun/solarium are sure to get a great result with this product. You may get a tan on certain parts of the body. The skin receives a beauty treatment while you get a delicious golden brown!

How Does the Treatment Work?

You use a machine with a nozzle that sprays a thin layer of liquid at high pressure. The liquid settles on the skin and gives you a tan. The application takes about 3 minutes. Two coats are applied for best results, but the client can also decide for themselves how brown they want to get. Afterwards, the skin should dry for about 3 to 5 minutes.

A tanned skin in twenty minutes!

What Should You Wear?

As a client, you can decide for yourself whether you want to be naked or in your underwear. Preferably wear black underwear to avoid discolouration. The discolouration goes away with the laundry, but it’s easier that way.

What Should You Do Before the Visit?

– Shower, cleanse and exfoliate your skin before the visit.

– Avoid deodorants or greasy creams, as they can cause discolouration.

– Shave the day before your treatment, such as your bones and beard growth.

– You should not wax, pluck your eyebrows or shave 8 hours before or after the visit.

– Bring dark, loose-fitting clothing, preferably cotton.

No sun, no problems.

What Should You Think About after the Visit?

– You should not shower or bathe after the treatment. Wait at least 8 hours and remember not to wash your hands immediately afterwards.

– Do not use creams, makeup, deodorant or perfume the next day.

– After your first shower, do not scrub but dry gently.

– Avoid exercise and other physical activities. Do this after your first shower.

– To maintain the golden brown colour, you can lubricate with a skin lotion.

– After about 5 days, the colour will fade and it may become uneven on the upper body. This is old skin cells that have broken off, so feel free to use a washcloth or towel when showering.

– Keep in mind that the colour can stain your clothes. However, the paint is water soluble and usually washes off easily. However, avoid more sensitive materials such as wedding dresses.

– Feel free to use a tinted self-tanning spray at home, as the colour disappears more on the face than on other parts of the body.

How Long Does the Treatment Last?

A treatment lasts up to 10 days. To maintain the golden color, the treatment should be repeated once a week. Lubricate yourself with a body lotion every day to keep your burn longer.

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Let’s Learn More about Spray Tanning Before Getting Yours

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