Protecting the Hair, Eyes and Skin From Frost and Cold Wind

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With frost and snow often accompanied by cold winds, it is essential to remember to protect your skin and hair from exposure to this winter disaster. But how can we do this, and is it finally time to switch to a winter skincare routine?

Skincare in Winter

The skin needs help from within to withstand frost, cold winds, and the transition from a cold to a warm place. To achieve this, it is essential to focus on helping your skin produce collagen. This can be done by consuming high concentrations of seafood, ideally in liquid form. For instance, you can try to increase your intake of foods containing essential fatty acids. It is also advisable to increase the intake of vitamin C, which promotes the absorption of collagen.

Winter Cosmetics

Cosmetics also need to be adapted to the winter climate. In addition to moisturizing, nourishment and reliable protection are also recommended. To create a protective film on the skin, it is essential to choose products that are a little oily, but not sticky, on top of which makeup can be applied.

The principle is to let the skin breathe. Choose oil-water based products that do not create a thick oil film on the skin. It will not weigh you down and, at the same time, protect, nourish and moisturize your skin. Those with dry skin can opt for a thicker cream, while those with oily skin need lighter protection.

In winter, use a cream type of makeup remover to cleanse and switch your toner to rose water. If you are used to peeling, it should be very gentle. You can also make a nourishing mask at home using two tablespoons of white yogurt and a cube of yeast.

Hand Care in Winter

The skin on the hands is thin and susceptible to frost damage, making it prone to dryness and peeling. A high-quality cream should be applied several times a day to prevent this. Products with a “light” texture that absorbs quickly and does not leave an oily film are ideal. Creams with lipids or those with chamomile added are good choices. Always apply hand cream before going out, even if you wear gloves.

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Winter Hair Care

Not only frost, cold winds and constant temperature changes can damage your hair, but wearing hats as well is not good for your hair. It can dry out, shake, and break hairs. In winter, the hair needs extra moisture and nutrients to stay healthy. For this, you need to have the proper diet and hair care products. For instance, a special mask or hair serum can be incorporated into your winter hair care routine. Wash the hair with cold water up to twice a week. Hot water removes moisture and dirt from the hair, causing breakage and over-drying.

Lip Care in Winter

The skin of the lips is fragile and can be quickly affected by wind, humidity, winter, and lack of moisture. Therefore, lip care is necessary. A balm with natural oils can be highly effective.

Eye Care in Winter

Frost and wind increase the evaporation of the protective tear fluid from the eye’s surface, causing burns and cuts to the eye. As a result, the risk of conjunctivitis increases, and in severe cases, the cornea’s surface can be damaged. This can be alleviated by using good quality ski and sports goggles or any other eyewear you might need. Do not forget about products to keep the eye area hydrated as well.

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What do you incorporate in your winter skincare routine? Let us know in the comments below!

Protecting the Hair, Eyes and Skin From Frost and Cold Wind

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