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Let’s set the record straight before we begin: The best skincare products are the ones that fit your skin type and individual concerns and needs. But it can still be fun to experiment with new ingredients or switch up the products in your routine with new formulas from buzzy brands or ones your favorite TikTok user swears by.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of the latest and greatest skincare hacks and ingredients when they’re being served to you on all of your social media feeds. And while we can’t predict the future, here are the seven biggest skincare trends that will likely dominate the beauty industry next year, starting with:

1. Microdosing

In the context of skincare, microdosing refers to dropping minuscule amounts of a different type of acid, such as glycolic, along with other active ingredients like retinol. The method, however, is the same as taking minimal amounts of drugs to avoid adverse side effects.

While this trend embraces using lower concentrations of active ingredients, that doesn’t mean these products don’t deliver results.


2. Refillable Packaging

In the U.S. alone, almost 7.9 billion units of rigid plastic was created for beauty and personal care products in 2018. So yeah, the beauty industry has a plastic problem. While ‘zero-waste products’ is an oxymoron, there are ways to cut down on the volume of single-use plastic in your skincare routine. The easiest method is opting for products with refillable packaging, which more and more brands are getting in on.

3. Fermented Skincare

Kombucha fans, rejoice: Fermented ingredients offer a ton of benefits for your skin, too. Recent studies have found have linked fermentation with a handful of anti-aging benefits, such as reducing inflammation.

Fermented ingredients are currently popular in skincare as they use a natural process to help enhance potency and penetration, without irritating the skin. While more research is still needed, there have been some studies performed to suggest some benefits of using fermented ingredients in skincare, including one study that showed that fermented red ginseng had greater anti-wrinkle activity when compared to non-fermented red ginseng.

4. Skin Barrier Protection

The skin barrier will continue to be a buzzy skincare topic going into 2022 and beyond, thanks in part to microdosing, another of the year’s skincare trends.

While “skin barrier” gets slapped on products and thrown around a lot on skincare TikTok and Instagram, it’s important to understand what the barrier is and why products that support it are so important.

Skin barrier products are designed to help strengthen and support our skin barrier, which is what our skin uses to keep the good stuff in, like moisture, and the harmful stuff out, like bad bacteria or external irritants. When the skin barrier is disrupted, it can leave the skin susceptible to dryness, flaking, redness, burning, stinging, sensitivity in addition to worsening skin conditions such as acne and eczema. Additionally, when the skin barrier is compromised, it can be harder to tolerate other skincare products, particularly those containing ingredients like retinoids or exfoliants. By using products that help to boost skin barrier function and protection, it improves the overall health of the skin and allows to the skin to better tolerate other skincare products.

5. Streamliners

The entire world slowed down in March 2020 when COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic. While some skincare enthusiasts partook in elaborate skincare routines while staying home to stop the spread, others scaled back on the number of products they used, and continue to reach for multitasking formulas now that the world is (mostly) opened back up again.

Along with saving time (and money) minimalist skincare routines also help minimize individual environmental footprints. Some of the most popular hybrid products include complexion products infused with SPF protection and additional skincare benefits.


6. Blue Light Protection

Unless you’re permanently dropping off the grid, there’s no way to avoid blue light exposure. Since our cell phones and computers emit blue light, the risks of exposure became a hot topic during quarantine, when screen times were at an all time high. But, the sun is also a proven source.

While there is a direct connection between blue light damage and the sun, there needs to be more research done on the impact of screens. However, since we’re more online and connected than ever, it’s worth including products in your routine that specifically target blue light. Skin specialists call out antioxidants like niacinamide and vitamin C as two ingredients that offer protection, and of course, SPFs that include iron dioxide.

7. Pre- Pro- and Postbiotic Skincare

Important PSA: Your skin is currently covered in bacteria and fungi. Before you go scrub your face, understand that having microorganisms on your face is vital, and directly related to the influx of skincare products formulated with pre-, pro-, and postbiotics.

Prebiotics are like food for the good bacteria on the skin and help them grow, probiotics are the living organisms that make up the microbiome, and finally, postbiotics are the metabolic by-products of the bacteria. And a functioning microbiome equals healthy, balanced skin.

With more and more microbiome-centric products on the market, choose brands that a rooted in science to ensure that the products are truly effective and not just paying lip service to another trendy ingredient.

So there you have it, 7 skincare trends that are likely going to become mainstays in our regimens. Have you already started any of these? Let us know in the comments below.

Skincare Trends Set to Dominate 2022

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