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Today, there are numerous beauty treatments in the world. You may have been tempted by the spa package, the lovely aura, a friend who is an avid user of a product, or an excellent salesperson (who glanced at your skin over the counter), only to find out later that the product is not suitable for your skin.

It is crucial to know your skin condition and where you might have problems to get good advice. To do this, you need a skin analysis.

What Is a Skin Analysis?

A skin analysis is a scan of your skin. In most cases, a professional device that captures a few pictures is used to examine the skin and determine what needs to be done. From these pictures, the beauty therapists can then analyze the possible skin problems one has. For instance, it could be large pores, blemishes, sebum, wrinkles, acne, pigmentation, etc.

What Does a Skin Analysis Reveal?

A well-performed skin analysis tells you more than just about your complexion and skin issues. It also includes details about your overall health. For example, it can help disclose whether the blemishes on your chin are from stress and poor nutrition or if acne on your forehead is due to a lack of water consumption.

A skin analysis looks not only at your skin but also at your lifestyle. Therefore, in the first step of most skin analyses, the therapists will usually ask you a series of questions about your lifestyle. Afterward, they will look at your diet, hormonal changes in your skin, stress, and external toxins that affect your skin. The series of questions will include whether or not your skin reacts to temperature changes if you live in a city (pollution), if you get a lot of sun, smoke, and get enough sleep.

The second step is to address your skin. They will usually examine any issues around areas such as the forehead, eyes, nose and cheeks, lower face and lips, and neck. However, not all of them are visible to the naked eye. This is why many professionals use devices to scan the skin and then create a personalized treatment once the results are obtained. During the second step, the beauty experts usually focus on three specific values:

1) Skin Moisture Content

Were you aware that oily skin can also become dehydrated? Skin cells are supposed to hold a fair amount of moisture. When the moisture content of the skin is too low, it becomes dry skin. The usual symptoms of dehydrated skin are tightness and skin impurities. To treat this issue, proper skin hydration is necessary. Use products with moisturizing properties and make sure to consume enough water.

Computerized Skin Analysis - Lane Dermatology & Aesthetics

2) The Skin Type

The second step in skin analysis is to identify your skin type. This is done by examining the amount of sebum the skin produces. There is a thin layer of sebum (fat) on the surface of the skin. This layer is what keeps the skin beautiful, soft, and supple.

When sebum production increases, part of the skin becomes slightly oily. If you have oily skin, it’s important to avoid using harsh cleansers. This will only make the skin drier and produce excess sebum. Gentle cleansing milk is recommended for people with oily or combination skin.

On the other hand, dry skin is often more prone to eczema. Over scrubbing or the use of cleansers with high degreasing power are to be avoided. Gentle, alcohol-free care products are best. Light oil-based night creams are also effective.

3) PH Value of The Skin

The last step in skin analysis is to measure the PH value of the skin. All body tissues have a particular PH value. PH value is simply known as acidity. To maintain the skin’s natural protective barrier as much as possible, using care products that do not disrupt the skin’s acidity as much as possible is essential. Products that are too acidic will dry out the skin.

Skin Analysis - Bio-Xin Cosmeceuticals Skin Analysis

Do you feel like you don’t know which products are suitable for your skin? Would you like to be guided and receive the appropriate treatment for your skin? Then visit Beauty on Ryrie in Ringwood, Victoria. Do not hesitate to contact them! Their qualified and experienced team is dedicated to offering quality service, including skin analysis, before moving on with any treatments for your skin.

The Importance of Skin Analysis

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