The Optimal Pace For Laser Hair Removal

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Laser hair removal is a very popular solution for getting rid of unwanted body hair. It is a technique that has undergone numerous evolutions over the past few years. Initially, it allows hair to be eliminated and delays regrowth. Contrary to popular belief, this hair removal technique does not get rid of hair for good, at least not immediately.

After a few sessions, permanent removal is possible. Thus, laser hair removal is not done in a single session. To ensure that the hair removal sessions are effective and for the well-being of your skin, it is essential to define the number of hair removal sessions and their frequency.

Why choose laser hair removal?


Unlike other hair removal techniques, laser hair removal has many advantages. It is indeed a more efficient technique, and it allows for the effective removal of hair without any particular pain.

Laser hair removal is also suitable for all parts of the body, whether it is for facial hair removal, bikini line hair removal, or full body hair removal.

This technique is also suitable for all skin types. For white skin, laser hair removal allows you to get rid of hair cleanly (without any burns or stains).

How to choose the number of hair removal sessions?

The choice of the number of sessions depends, on the one hand, on the part of the body to be depilated and the quality of the skin. On the other hand, the type of hair to be treated also influences the number of sessions required.

Hair removal from the leg is the easiest to perform. Underarms, bikini lines, and full body hair removal are, however, more complicated. The face is also delicate to treat because of the fineness of the hair. Thus, in general, an average of 5 sessions is required for an optimal result.

What are the steps to take during laser hair removal?


Laser hair removal is a delicate operation for the skin. That is why, before opting for this technique, it is essential to know some of its characteristics.

Consult a dermatologist before opting for laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is generally suitable for all skin types. However, this does not guarantee a total absence of side effects, especially for people suffering from allergies or with sensitive skin. In this case, it is recommended to consult a specialist before starting.

Choosing the right time to start

Laser hair removal is not something you do on a whim. Indeed, it is a process that requires a great deal of availability. For reasons of efficiency, the recommended number of sessions must be respected.

Making arrangements for laser hair removal

In addition to consulting a specialist, other precautions are also necessary.

Spacing the sessions


It is mandatory to respect a 4 to 8-week interval between two sessions. This allows the skin to recover from the treatment.

Protect the skin during the treatment

After a hair removal session, unusual swelling and redness may appear on the skin. This can last up to 48 hours. Although this is a normal occurrence, certain precautions should be taken.

The skin must be protected from the sun for 10 days following the session. In addition to avoiding excessive exposure to the sun, it is also forbidden to practice UV sessions during the treatment.

What are the expected results of laser hair removal?


Laser hair removal heats the inside of the skin, more particularly the hair bulbs. This initially delays regrowth and then completely cancels it. The result may take several weeks before being noticeable. It is manifested by the hair falling out. In the meantime, hair growth may continue. It is then possible to have another session as soon as the hair grows back.

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The Optimal Pace For Laser Hair Removal

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