Thermal Water: The Best Remedy For Sensitive Skin

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Still haven’t found a way to care for your sensitive skin? In this article, we explain why you should use thermal water products in your skincare!

Sensitive skin can manifest itself in various ways, including dryness, redness, irritation, roughness, and flakiness. And not just on the face, but on the entire body’s skin and even the scalp. It is difficult to avoid the effects of pollution and stress, but we can try to eat a well-balanced diet containing nutrients and minerals and avoid the intake of harmful substances such as alcohol and tobacco. On the cosmetic side, we recommend a series of measures to soothe the skin and relieve itching and dryness:

1) Hydration is essential: Especially when it comes to the face, which is exposed all day long. Well-moisturized skin should protect against external attacks. It is vital to moisturize during the day, spend the day with nourished skin, care for it even earlier at night, and regenerate cells during sleep with beauty treatments before bed. Massage thoroughly to avoid irritating the skin.

2) Exfoliation: exfoliation is a treatment to remove impurities from the pores and regenerate the skin. Exfoliation is very beneficial but should not be abused on sensitive skin as it can be damaging. Therefore, it is recommended that it be done once a week at most. Also, make sure that the scrub is adapted to your skin type.

3) Hot water in the shower: If the water temperature is too hot, it will dry out the skin. Therefore, try to keep the water warm, and your body will quickly get used to it. For the face, however, it is recommended to use cold water.

4) Always look at the ingredients of cosmetics: With sensitive skin, it is best to choose products that respect the skin’s balance and do not contain artificial ingredients such as fragrances, dyes, or alcohol.

For the concerns above, using products containing thermal water is ideal.

What Is Thermal Water?

Thermal water is not just water. It is amazingly pure water that comes from deep within the earth. When extracted from a spring, this water has already traveled a very long journey, during which it has become rich in minerals and trace elements.

For instance, thermal water is rich in water-soluble minerals, especially trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate, silicate, iron, sulfur, and selenium.

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Thermal Water and Its Skin-Beautifying Effects

Thermal water has soothing, moisturizing, and anti-aging properties. In addition, its high content of minerals such as zinc, selenium, and copper has a healing effect that activates collagen synthesis and speeds up the healing of skin wounds. Therefore, it effectively relieves itching from insect bites and skin rashes in babies and children. Thermal water also has the effect of restoring skin tone lost through exercise and replenishing minerals lost through sweat.

Have you found a reason to incorporate it into your skin care regimen yet? It regenerates the skin, making it ideal for makeup removal.

Also, when applied before makeup, it helps makeup stay on better. Therefore, you can use thermal water as a makeup spray or to freshen up a dull face. And with the warmer temperatures, keeping a bottle like this on your desk for refreshment is not a wasted luxury.

And let’s not forget, Thermal water can be used as a cleanser, makeup remover, moisturizer, and revitalizing lotion. However, it should be used in conjunction with a gentle moisturizer for sensitive skin. And remember to take care of your nutrition!

In other words, thermal water is the holy grail of beauty that you have been neglecting for years. It can be purchased at pharmacies and drugstores.

Thermal Water: The Best Remedy For Sensitive Skin

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