What Is Pressotherapy?

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Pressotherapy is a paramedical technique responsible for activating blood and lymphatic stimulation through pressure. This therapy is done with the help of long boots, sleeves for the arms and a band for the abdominal area, all of which have been strictly designed to cover the body in a lying position.

This type of device is equipped with numerous air-filled cells, which inflate and deflate by exerting different levels of pressure. Sequential pressure is suitable for water retention and cellulite treatment. This type of pressure inflates the cells one by one. The second type is continuous pressure, which is mainly used for venous insufficiency.
This type of pressure inflates and deflates the cells at the same time. Some of these devices can even perform both types of pressure to mimic the pressure of lymphatic drainage. This type of technique is normally manual and performed by physiotherapists using their fingers and palms.

Pressotherapy is offered to people suffering from blood circulation problems, water retention or even to people who want to get back into shape. It is a therapy that is complemented by manual drainage techniques.

Pressotherapy devices are usually equipped with the following accessories:
• boots for the legs
• sleeves for the arms
• briefs for the buttocks
• girdle for the waist, stomach and hips.

What Are the Effects of Pressotherapy?

Pressotherapy has the ability to relieve and treat veins, cellulite and heavy legs in order to eliminate water retention and toxins. This type of therapy also acts against the appearance of varicose veins. In addition, pressotherapy activates the circulation of the heart.
This will allow you to eliminate static fat cells. In fact, the treated body parts will look smoother and thinner. Your silhouette will be much more defined. Pressotherapy is a method to lose weight, in case you are overweight because of water retention.

Pressotherapy for Heavy Legs:

To perceive heavy legs is one of the most unpleasant sensations. This type of discomfort usually comes in the form of tingling, swelling and pain. This type of discomfort is related to poor blood circulation in the legs. In 80% of cases, this is due to venous insufficiency. This means that venous return is poor and blood usually stagnates in the veins. This chronic condition can be corrected and compensated for by balancing the risk factors with pressotherapy.

Pressotherapy for Fluid Retention:

Water retention is related to poor lymphatic circulation. This means that the body retains more water than it expels. This is the reason for the formation of inflammation and edema.
The causes of water retention can vary from one person to another, among the most common are:

• poor blood circulation
• Heat: hot baths, warm clothes or even exposure to the sun dilate the blood vessels, which promotes water retention.
• A very salty diet or a diet low in vitamins: salt is one of the main factors of water retention.
• Certain diseases: heart, kidney or venous insufficiency.
• Certain medications: Corticosteroids, antidepressants and hormone treatments.
• Posture: Sitting cross-legged for a long period of time, which will block venous return.

Pressotherapy is a cutting-edge technique to combat fluid retention problems. This type of procedure has the ability to eliminate toxins and excess water in the body.

Who is Pressotherapy For?

Pressotherapy is intended for women and men suffering from circulatory problems, lymphedema, cellulite, localized fat (on the thighs, stomach, etc.) or heavy legs. This type of device is also for athletes who want to accelerate recovery after an effort.

Pressotherapy for Athletes:
Athletes’ muscles are often tense after intense training or after competitions. Pressotherapy is a good method of rapid recovery and will also help the user to combat muscle fatigue. Indeed, this type of therapy promotes the circulation of blood in the veins and lower membranes after an effort.
Thanks to this therapy, the athlete will avoid swelling and the sensation of heavy legs. In addition, this type of technique will promote muscle circulation and recovery after a sprain or stretch. Before using this type of therapy on these types of injuries, consult your doctor.

Pressotherapy for Aesthetic Reasons:
Pressotherapy can be used to fight cellulite. This type of therapy eliminates fat, edema and helps drain toxins from the body. This reduces the appearance of orange peel skin on the treated areas. The skin is reaffirmed and the silhouette is refined.

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What Is Pressotherapy?

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