Why Should You Use A Primer Before Makeup Application?

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Do you have a primer in your makeup kit? Not everyone is familiar with this makeup product. What kind of makeup product is it? What can it do? And is it essential? While it is a must-have for professional makeup artists, primers can also make a big difference in everyday makeup applications. So, in this issue, we will highlight this makeup item and show you how it works and how to use a primer!

What Is a Primer?

You may know primer from the world of painting. When painting a wall, it is best to apply a primer first. This way, the paint’s surface is prepared, and adhesion is improved. As a makeup product, the primer has the same function. It protects the skin and improves the adhesion and longevity of the makeup. Primers come in compact gels or creams, usually in pump bottles or tubes. However, powdered primers also exist.

Primer Ingredients

Primers usually contain the following ingredients:


Fills fine lines and pores and smoothes the skin.


Reduces skin shine.


Ensures adhesion of cosmetics.

Mineral Pigment

Gives skin a natural luster and an even finish.

Other care ingredients

Primers with care ingredients for specific skin types, such as dry, oily, and delicate wrinkled skin, are also available.

Why Use a Primer?

Many people seem to omit primer in their makeup application. This is unfortunate because it has a positive effect on the makeup application. It allows the skin to be prepared for other makeup, such as foundations and BB creams. Since it adheres well, it makes the makeup last much longer. It can also fill in lines, wrinkles, and pores, making it a good choice for older skin. With a primer, you can achieve beautiful, even skin. This product is also suitable for correcting facial redness, such as rosacea or acne. In this case, apply a primer with a slight green undertone. The green undertone compensates for the redness.

The primer can be applied to the entire face, or it can be applied to a limited area of the face. For example, there is a primer specifically for the eyelids. In mature skin, the eyelids may sag. If eyeshadow is applied directly to the eyelid, makeup may clump in these folds. Primer prevents this from happening!

Tips for Applying Primer

  • When applying primer to the entire face, or at least a large area of the face, it is best to apply with fingertips. Gently massage the primer into the skin.
  • However, it is recommended that primer be applied only where it is really needed. This way, a more natural effect can be achieved.
  • To apply primer to small areas of the face, it is best to use a lip brush or concealer brush. This way you can work very precisely.
  • If you are wearing no makeup, you can use only a primer without any other makeup, especially if you have healthy skin. This will make the face look even fresher and brighter.
  • Beware of allergic reactions.
  • One last important note: As we have mentioned, primers contain silicones, often dimethicone. For people with dry skin, this can be a great benefit because it creates a layer on top of the skin, bringing the skin’s moisture level closer to the norm. However, some people are very sensitive to this ingredient and suffer from acne and other allergic reactions. So, remember this.

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Primer Keeps Lipstick in Place

Lip primer has two benefits: it smoothes the lips so that lipstick can be applied easily. It reduces the appearance of fine lines. It also makes any lipstick last longer. With a lip primer, you can eat, drink, and laugh without worrying about lip color fading or lips drying out. It also makes lipstick color more intense.

What are some of the best primers? Let us know in the comments below!

Why Should You Use A Primer Before Makeup Application?

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