10 Steps to the Perfect Home Spa

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A home spa is the perfect activity for a quiet evening at home with friends, when you have the house or apartment to yourself or with the kids or your partner.

You take what you get when you prepare your spa at home. Your comfy robe, your favorite creams in the cupboard – and your music. Mozart or the Indian sitar master? You decide. You have a bathtub – perfect! But the shower works just as well. If you’re one of the shower people, take a little extra care to lather up luxuriously, and scrub your body little by little.

The goal: a moment, long or short, where the outside world is kept at bay and you can focus on yourself.

Yet, a perfect home spa includes a few essential, classic steps: Washing and exfoliating to get rid of dead skin cells and give the skin a fresh start, foot care because your feet deserve the love and skin care to moisturize and give it the protection it needs. And, in today’s article, we bring you 10 tips you can follow to create the ultimate cozy home spa. Read on to learn more.

1. Start by cleaning the bathroom.

No one can rest in a messy bathroom. Therefore, take 10 minutes to clean up your bathroom, put things in cupboards, wipe surfaces and floors, hang your clean towels properly on the towel rail. 10 minutes well invested, we promise!

2. Prepare a pitcher of lemon water or homemade iced tea to drink when you spa at home.

3. Take a long bath or shower and scrub your whole body

You can make your own scrub with 1 tablespoon of coffee grounds, 1 tablespoon of sugar and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. After the shower you will be smoother than a peach!

4. Then smear the whole body in a cozy body lotion.

There are some great body lotion you can find on the market that smell good, feel greasy and moisturizing but at the same time easily penetrates the skin.

5. Now it’s time for the skin on your face to get some love.

Add a sheet mask and feel how your skin absorbs the moisture! Some can really do what they promise. Choose the one your skin needs todayIf the skin feels dry and tight, the hydrating mask suits it, if it is rather dullchoose one that can bring you a new glow.

6. When the mask workstake the opportunity to just take it easy.

Sit in your favorite place, close your eyes and try to just breathe for a few minutes. Breathing is so important for us to feel good and at the home spa you have an excellent opportunity to unwind.

7. When the sheet mask has workedlubricate your face with a good serum and your favorite cream. The level of hydration will be maxed out!

8. Now – the feet!

By all means, don’t forget them during your spa day. Start by cutting your toenails and then give your feet a well-deserved massage. Apply with a cream that exfoliates the skin, is tough on calluses and repairs cracked skin.

9. Top off your home spa session with what you like.

Paint your nails, clean your teeth thoroughly with dental floss and toothbrush, shave your legs or massage your cuticles. Whatever floats your boat!

10. Put on your nicest home clothes and enjoy feeling clean, hydrated and calm.

Lie down and read a book, scroll on your mobile or take a leisurely walk.

Those were our best tips for a successful home spa. We hope you enjoyed the tipsnow enjoy yourself. You have earned it! What else do you do to relax at home? Let us know in the comments below.

10 Steps to the Perfect Home Spa

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