Summer Hair Care: Essential Tips

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Summer is a beautiful season, but it can be a little lackluster for our hair. Heat, humidity, wind, and sun may be the most stressful seasons for the hair. How do you take care of your hair before and during your vacation? That is what we are going to talk about!

Our hair senses external aggression more than we realize. Temperature changes, humidity, ocean salt, swimming pool chlorine, and all the other atmospheric influences can stress our hair, making it dull, dry, and unruly. Plus, split ends are right around the corner. But what can we do? What treatments should we choose at the hairdresser before the sea?

Prevention Is Better Than Cure: Any Professional Treatment Before Vacation

Taking care of your hair before vacation can help prevent sunburn. But how? By implementing a treatment from a trusted hairdresser. A professional and special treatment, backed by the proper home care, will save your hair and protect it from damage caused by sunlight, salt, and humidity.
Here are some of the treatments that can be performed in the salon

Restructuring treatments: These treatments deeply regenerate the hair fiber. Unlike treatments performed alone at home, this treatment uses a “helmet,” a heat source that emits steam to enhance the moisturizing and regenerating power of the product. It is a three-step beauty treatment: shampoo, mask, and regenerating spray.

Keratin treatment: This treatment repairs hair fibers. Not only does it deeply nourish the hair, but it also protects it from atmospheric influences such as humidity, reducing the effects of uncomfortable frizz.

Homemade Products and Treatments

In addition to professional hairdressing treatments, taking care of your hair at home is essential. Choosing the right products is not easy, as each of us has different needs.

Here are some of the best products and treatments for pre- and post-vacation hair care.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a panacea for our entire body. When used on hair, it is an excellent moisturizer. Tip: Hair will be straight and shiny. Coconut oil can also be applied before sun exposure for its protective powers.

Aloe Vera Gel: The higher the aloe vera content, the greater the benefits. Aloe gel is a powerful moisturizer, helps burn reddened skin and gives elasticity to hair. You need to apply an appropriate amount of gel to the skin and massage it well to length; let it sit for 15 or 20 minutes, then resume shampooing and normal washing. Your hair will be soft at once.

Shea butter: If your hair is dehydrated and damaged, a mask with shea butter, which is highly moisturizing, is ideal. Apply the poultice to damp hair and leave on for at least 30 minutes. Rinse and rinse. Your hair will revive!

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Leave-In Treatment with SPF

Leave-In Treatment with SPF offers many benefits for both hair and scalp. After showering, sprayed over the entire scalp and hair, it scents, softens, and protects the hair. Many also contain UVA and UVB filters for optimal protection.

Protecting Hair from Chlorine

If you want to protect your hair from chlorine and sunburn, several options are worth trying. Chlorine strips oil and moisture from your hair, drying it out. You may notice that your hair has a green undertone if you are blonde.

To avoid this, wear your hair in a high chignon or tie your hair back to prevent contact with chlorine. You can also shower after swimming to rinse off all the chlorinated water.

What You Should Not Do:

Combing wet hair: this can cause the hair to lose its dimensionality.
Be careful, avoid rubbing the hair. Instead, blow-dry wet hair in a gentle stroking motion using a towel. If possible, opt for a microfiber towel which will help prevent frizz.

Conditioner should only be applied to the drier areas of the hair, i.e., the ends, and a little on the lengths at most. Other types of products, such as certain scrubs, should be used on the skin.

Do you have any other tips? Share it with us in the comments below!

Summer Hair Care: Essential Tips

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