Skin Sun Exposure Not Always Bad; 5 Benefits Of Sun Exposure

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Everyone will tell you how sun exposure is bad for you and will argue about the different damages that it can cause, but most of them won’t tell you that somehow there are some advantages. People are talking about how sun exposure can induce skin cancer and numerous other skin problems, but keep in mind that everything done in moderation shall be good- the same applies to sun exposure.

Before you continue reading, let’s clarify that moderation is the key to success here. You need to take all the precautions needed (we will explain in the article).

What Are The Benefits Of Sun Exposure? 

Serotonin Boost 

Do you know what serotonin is? It is the hormone of happiness, this is what you want in your body to trick your brain into that you are happy (or you can be happy). Daytime and nighttime will trigger different types of hormones in the body. The sunlight you receive during the daytime will increase the production of serotonin in the body- it will help you feel relaxed and increase productivity. Darkness produces melatonin- this hormone is essential if you want to have a good night’s sleep.

Having some sun early in the morning can define your day- you will be happier and more determined to work or do whatever task.

Better Sleep

Early morning exposure to moderate amounts of sunlight can also aid in getting a better night’s sleep. According to studies, exposing yourself to sunshine first thing in the morning can help you fall asleep and wake up when you need to. So, in the morning, pulling back the curtains or going for a pleasant walk will help you sleep better at night.

Increase Natural Immune System 

Did you know that sunlight is one of the main ways your body can create vitamin D? Surprisingly, vitamin D is among one of the most important vitamins to have a healthy immune system. It helps your body in signaling the immune system.

Vitamin D Produces By The Sun Has Many Health Benefits

Vitamin D has a variety of surprising and powerful impacts on the body and supplies some of the foundations for a healthy immune system. Reduced inflammation, healthier muscle maintenance, stronger bones, increased brain function, and decreased levels of certain diseases such as heart disease, prostate cancer, and dementia have all been demonstrated in studies.

Fights Off Depression 

If you suffer from depression, you may have heard this sentence a million times; it’s in your head, but guess what… it’s not, and you know the good news? There are scientific reasons that being in the sun improves your mood; as we mentioned earlier, it produces serotonin. Some people suffer from seasonal affective disorder, and if that is your case, when there are fewer daylight hours, you may feel that your mood is off; that is when you have to enjoy yourself to the maximum when there are some rays of sunlight.

Helps Keep The Weight Off 

It is believed that being outside in the sun for 30 minutes, anytime between 8 a.m to noon, has some connection to losing weight. However, other factors have been considered during this study, but it is assumed that there is a strong link between morning sun and weight.

Live Longer

30,000 Swedish women have followed a study in which it was proven that staying in the sun – can elongate your life between six months to two years. More research needs to be done concerning this theory, and some are already in process.

Keep in mind that, just as in skincare- a little goes a long way. Do not stay in the sun for more than 30 min continuously and not afternoon. The production of vitamin D in the body depends on your skin shade- but you should expose yourself for five to thirty minutes. Let us know if you’ve known any of these benefits in the comments…

Skin Sun Exposure Not Always Bad; 5 Benefits Of Sun Exposure

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