7 Steps to Follow to Plan the Perfect Massage Session for Your Partner

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Sometimes it’s hard to think of the best gift to give your partner. But we’ve got you covered! In today’s article, we share with you the secret to surprise your partner with a very special massage.

Yes, it’s the perfect excuse to pamper our partners even more and what better way to do it than with a massage. And that is that offering a massage to your partner will allow you to enjoy a quality time together, but above all it will be a moment of relaxation and an opportunity for you and your spouse to do something different yet romantic together. Not sure how to proceed? Keep reading below.

1. Choose the Place

Start by choosing the location. You can do it in your room or in a hotel, pick a place where you and your partner feel comfortable. There doesn’t have to be a stretcher like in spas, it’s something less formal.

2. Prepare the Bed

You can put some rose petals at the foot of the bed. Use one or two large towels, but of the same color, to cover the bed, so you won’t mess up the sheets with the oils. Also, place a light blanket nearby to cover it while you perform the massage.

3. Think about the Music

Choose a relaxing music. It can be the kind you use for yoga or the sound of nature. The important thing is that it should only have acoustic sounds and not sung voices. This will enhance the connection between you and your partner.

4. Set the Right Ambience

To set the mood in the room, the most romantic are candles. We recommend choosing those that, in addition to being decorative, have aromatherapy scents, ideal for this type of massage, as they calm and relax.

5. Pick the Perfect Oil or Moisturizer

It is important to choose the ideal oil or moisturizing cream, because they will allow your hands to glide better over the skin and you will be able to massage its muscles in depth. Choose the one that best suits your partner’s personality.

Additional tips: When you are going to apply the product, you should first put it on your hands, rub it a little and then put it on your partner’s skin. Never put the oil or moisturizer directly because it will give a cold feeling.

6. The Massage

When everything is ready, invite your partner to stay in his/her underwear, so that you can give him/her a full body massage without any problem. First he/she has to lie on his/her back and you can then cover the whole body, leaving only the feet exposed.

Start finger by finger, using circular motions with your hands and applying a little pressure with your thumb. Ask if the pressure is good or if he/she wants it softer or harder. Then massage the soles of the feet and gradually move up the legs, repeating the same movements. On the belly, make small circular movements in the direction of the clock, always in the same direction.

For the arms and hands, make the same movement as for the feet and legs. On the face, give small taps with the fingertips and massage the temples by making circles with the index and middle fingers, extending them to the head.

7. Finish with a Bath or Hot Tub

And to finish the relaxation, you can finish with a bubble bath in the tub with some salts. This way, he/she will enjoy an intimate space and, in addition, eliminate the oil from the body. If you don’t have a bathtub, a hot bath with scrubs or aromatherapy soaps will also work wonders.

At the end of your massage session, invite your partner to have a glass of wine or hot tea together. You will be able to chat and share a nice, relaxed, happy and, of course, very loving moment to celebrate this special date.

There you go. If you follow those steps, you should be able to give a great massage session to your partner. What’s your favorite type of massage? Let us know in the comments below.

7 Steps to Follow to Plan the Perfect Massage Session for Your Partner

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