Pechoti Method: What Happens When You Oil Your Belly Button?

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Pechoti Method: What Happens When You Oil Your Belly Button?

I had decided to write on this topic long back after I heard about this Ayurvedic practice on the radio. I’m not a doctor, so this is just going to be a herbal/homemade/Ayurvedic natural remedies answer to all your skincare issues.

The Pechoti method is an ancient tradition born from Ayurveda. This philosophy believes that the navel symbolizes the origin of life and that it is a vital and a very powerful energy center that connects to multiple veins and organs in the body. This centuries-old tradition thus believes that applying essential oils to the navel can heal in the healing of several skin conditions and leave you with a glowing skin.

So, let’s learn how different oil applied to the belly button can prove beneficial to our skincare.

Neem Oil for Curing Acne and Pimples

Neem Oil for Curing Acne and PimplesAcne is one of the most common skincare problems faced by women of all age groups across the world. It is a chronic skin condition that usually starts around the time one reaches the phase of puberty. A person with beautiful, flawless and soft skin might suddenly find herself with blemishes. And, I know how annoying it can get when someone says, “It is completely normal to have acne, just ignore it!” or “Even celebrities have acne, so stop stressing out!! When you are in the house or with family members, it’s easy to “ignore” it, but not when you are going out on a date.

I’m not a dermatologist but based on my own experiences – experience with acne – I know that you’ve got enough of these random breakouts coming out of nowhere. When I started my third year at university, I wanted to get to the bottom of things. My dermatologist put me on doxycycline tablets (that’s antibiotics) for two months and afterwards I tried everything you could find on the net – from African Black soap to moisturizers, honey masks, rosewater, aloe vera and I was even close to laser treatment. And, at last, I tried the Pechoti method.

Neem oil consists of fatty acids, antimicrobial compounds and antioxidants that are extremely good at treating different kinds of skin conditions. Neem oil can be applied on swollen red lesions; it can heal wounds; it can combat against skin infections and is a promising agent in treating aging symptoms.

You’ll be surprised to learn that as per this age-old Ayurvedic practice, neem oil can be applied to the belly button to help in the treatment of acne. As unusual as it may sound, the truth is that application of neem oil in the navel has often been proven to be an effective remedy in the treating of acne and pimples.

Trust me, I tried putting neem oil on my belly button and let me tell you that it worked miracles. It will take time of course, but don’t lose hope.

Mustard Oil for Healing Chapped Lips

Mustard Oil for Healing Chapped LipsI was tempted to include this one because my cousin had the same problem and suffered from it for almost 10 years. She had a very horrible habit of picking at her lips to the point that they became so raw and bloody – I apologize for the grossness. So, every night, before going to bed, she used to apply a little bit of Chapstick and when she used to woke up in the morning, they were partially healed.

I’m not denying the fact that Chapstick can really do wonders and help you get through the day. However, it’s not a permanent cure. Some beauticians recommend keeping a tube of moisturizing lip balm with you at all times so that when you would get the urge to lick or bite your lips, you’d apply the lip balm instead. It’s equally important to break the bad habit of chewing, picking and licking your lips.

However, dehydration can also be one of the causes of chapped lips and then in this case, you have to drink lots of water. But, in most cases, people say that it’s not possible to permanently heal chapped lips. But, the Pechoti method seems to disagree with that.

This Ayurvedic tradition believes that applying mustard oil to the navel can heal chapped lips and reduce the darkness of the lips.


Pechoti Method: What Happens When You Oil Your Belly Button?

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