7 Ways to Use Baby Powder in Your Beauty Regimen

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When most people think of baby powder, they do not associate it with beauty. Nevertheless, it is an inexpensive product and can certainly be used in your daily beauty routine. Here are some of the beauty tips involving baby powder that you can implement in your makeup routine.

Talcum Powder or Baby Powder

No matter which brand of baby powder you buy, the main ingredient is talcum. A long time ago, baby powder was discredited because of its potential to cause various cancers. It also had traces of asbestos in it, but now only refined talcum powder is available. However, it is still important to avoid inhaling the powder, especially if you suffer from lung diseases such as asthma, COPD, or bronchitis. As with most things, use it wisely, and above all, in moderation.

As mentioned earlier, baby powder can be used for more than just your baby’s bottom. Below are a few applications you can use for your beauty regimen.

1) Baby Powder For Acne

Acne is never a convenience, but sometimes it can be a little worse than usual. In such cases, baby powder is a lifesaver. Most baby powders contain zinc. It is an anti-inflammatory substance, and when applied to pimples, it calms down red skin. Apply with a cotton ball after washing your face.

2) For Dull Complexion

Do you have oily skin? Do you notice your skin shining during the day? If so, you can opt for expensive drugstore products or take powder as a low-cost alternative. Using a makeup brush and a small amount of powder, apply to your nose, forehead, and chin.

3) Create a Beautiful Look With Dazzling Eyelashes

Many women use particular mascara to give their eyelashes that extra sparkle. However, there is no need for that at all. From now on, apply a layer of regular mascara. Using an (old) mascara brush, apply a small amount of powder. Then apply another layer of mascara, and your eyes will be truly eye-catching. Baby powder can make your lashes look fuller and longer.

 Talcum Powder
Talcum Powder

4) Ultimate Help After Shaving

Do you always get a rash after shaving? Many people, both men, and women suffer from red bumps and sometimes itchiness after shaving. Not only is it not fun, but it is also very frustrating. While it cannot be prevented entirely, some people react more violently than others. However, applying baby powder to the skin after shaving can help alleviate the suffering. This is also ideal if you do not have time to use body lotion after shaving. Did you cut yourself while shaving? In this case, baby powder is also excellent. It will stop the bleeding and help close the wound faster.

5) Baby Powder Mask

Did you know that making a mask with baby powder can make your skin soft like a baby’s? It also helps to protect your skin from impurities. Mix three to four teaspoons of baby powder with a few drops of water. Spread the mass on your skin and leave it on for about five minutes. Then rinse it off thoroughly with (lukewarm) water.

6) Baby Powder As a Makeup Base

Do you want to get the most out of your makeup? Then use baby powder as a primer. Apply powder foundation to your entire face, including eyelids. Zinc is good for your skin, and baby powder prevents your skin from shining. If you use powder on your eyelids, you will find that your eyeshadow will hold up better and look better.

7) Do-It-Yourself Dry Shampoo

Many women love to use dry shampoo. To do so, you can either buy a special dry shampoo or make a DIY dry shampoo using only baby powder. You can apply the baby powder directly to your scalp. If you get shot out by the can, turn your head upside down and shake off the excess. Please note that if you use too much, your head will turn white.

Baby Powder
Baby Powder

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7 Ways to Use Baby Powder in Your Beauty Regimen

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