The Truth About Hair: 4 Myths That Are Actually Ruining Your Hair

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Let me preface this read by sharing how damaged and frizzy hair used to be the main story of my life. This is why, most of the time, hair products and I didn’t see eye to eye.

But, just imagine my surprise when I learned that some hair-related things I’ve been embracing have more lies than truth behind them.

Turns out, once I’ve tossed these myths out the window, I can see my interest in a soft and shiny hair taking over more quickly and easily.

#1. Sleeping With Hair Down or Loose Helps It Grow

Sleeping With Hair Down or Loose Helps It Grow

Ok, I know sometimes our hair can have a mind of its own, rejecting all serums and oils.

But, leaving your long hair loose while sleeping, depicting a picturesque look of Sleeping Beauty, will only lead to a hot mess once you wake up from la-la land.

Many hate the idea of tying their hair up while going to bed, without mentioning how braiding the hair can actually prevents the conjuring of a fairytale feeling of oneself with long, flowing hair.

Thing is, your hair is completely vulnerable when you go to bed. This menacing factor which renders hair defenseless against its own environment can cause serious hair breakage and damage.

Want to know what sleeping with loose hair can do more?

  • With your conditioner-styling hair on your face, while sleeping, you might develop acne.
  • It can also affect your hair growth.
  • Your hair is more likely to turn frizzy.
  • You may end up with split ends.
  • And, affecting your quality sleep is an addition.

So, follow experts’ advice and go for a loosely tied braid or a loose bun.

#2. Cutting Your Hair Makes It Grow Faster

Cutting Your Hair Makes It Grow Faster

You might have grown up hearing it from your parents when you were dreading salon haircuts or from your friends.

If you want long hair or want your hair to grow faster, opt for regular trims.”

Is this theory actually genuine?

Of course not.

I’d say maybe it all started as a white lie to wrangle you in a hair salon.

Countless studies and experts claim that there is absolutely no connection between cutting your hair and its rate of growth.

Your hair stems from hair follicles located in your scalp. Regular trim does nothing to help improve follicle count, but one thing is for sure, hair follicles are connected to genetics.

As per many trichologists, a pair of scissors might not have any magical powers on your hair but a well-balanced diet with sufficient nutrients and vitamins like zinc, iron, Vitamin D, protein, omega-3 Fatty Acids and biotin might be just what you need.

#3. You Should Always Brush Your Hair 100 Times a Day

You Should Always Brush Your Hair 100 Times a Day

Excuse me, what?

Seriously, who has time for this? Who said this? And, what’s the purpose of it?

To answer your question, my hypothesis on this is how this myth emerged as an old tradition back to the era where people rarely washed their hair and thus turned to brush their hair 100 times a day.

You see, somewhere, brushing your hair does contribute to the build-up of natural scalp oils, but unfortunately, an excessive brushing, especially with a poorly-designed hairbrush, is enough to break your cause, damage your cuticle and create frizzy hair.

#4. Plucking Grey Hair Makes More Grow

Plucking Grey Hair Makes More Grow

When some find a gray hair, they take comfort in the theory that plucking it out will make more and healthier ones grow.

Wrong, wrong and wrong.

Instead, it will only put stress on your scalp, resulting in a weird hair growth pattern.

We’ve separated facts from fiction for you. Now, up to you to stop believing these myths and adopt healthier hairstyling techniques.


The Truth About Hair: 4 Myths That Are Actually Ruining Your Hair

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