8 Steps For A Flawless Makeup Application

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1) Taking Care of the Face and Preparing It for Makeup Application

– Cleansing
Blemishes are caused by sebum, cosmetic residue, and dirt. Therefore, it is essential to first cleanse your skin well with a soft cleansing product. After that, use a tonic to remove any remaining dirt particles from the face. This will leave the skin feeling soothed, firm, and soft.

– Care and Moisturizing
Washing the face disrupts the skin’s moisture balance. Use a good moisturizing cream to help restore the skin’s moisture balance and protect it from external influences.

2) Apply a Primer to Make Your Makeup Last Longer

A good makeup primer is a must. Primers help fill in imperfections such as wrinkles and pores and smooth out the foundation to make it stand out more.

3) Foundation, How to Find the Right Colour and How to Apply It?

When choosing a foundation, it is crucial to think about your skin type and what kind of finish would suit you best. For example, if you are looking for good coverage, it’s better to choose foundation sticks. If you are looking for a natural finish, cream foundations are the most suitable.

To choose the right colour, look at your skin tone. Do you have more of a cool shade? Then your foundation colour should always have a pink glow to it. For those with warm undertones, foundations with a little more yellow are ideal. If you have a neutral tone, choose a natural colour. The best way to verify the shade of your foundation is to draw a line on your jawline and run your fingertips over your skin.

Apply a small amount of foundation to your cheeks, forehead and chin. When doing so, gently dab the sponge onto the skin. Then, dampen your beauty blender with lukewarm water and blend the foundation evenly into the skin.

Makeup Brush and Foundation

4) Concealer: What Is It and How to Use It?

Concealer’s coverage initially hides discolouration and skin blemishes, but if you are suffering from dark circles under your eyes or hard lines on your face, you can also use concealer to hide it. Dot the concealer stick on your face, then dab it with your fingertips until it blends into your skin. Choose concealers that are dermatologically tested with a low risk of allergies and those available in different colours. Concealers with contrasting colours are perfect for all types of discolouration.

5) Powder to Hold the Foundation in Place

Fixing your foundation and concealer will help your makeup stay in place all day and blend nicely into your skin. Apply a compact powder over your foundation, so it doesn’t fade or smudge when you sweat.

6) Apply Blush or Bronzer

After applying foundation, concealer and powder, use a blush to give the skin a healthy glow. This should be applied to the ridges of the cheeks. For a natural look, choose a soft and light powder brush that adheres perfectly to the skin.


7) The Perfect Eyebrow

Choose a pencil colour that is just slightly lighter than your brow colour. To determine the correct shape, place the eyebrow pencil right next to the bridge of your nose. Draw a small line where the pencil crosses the eyebrow. Then, place the pencil near the nostrils, near the pupil, and draw a line again. This is to determine the correct arch. Next, place the pencil on the outside of the eye, near the nostril, and draw a small line again where the pencil crosses the eyebrow. Finally, connect the dots, and you will have an eyebrow shape that suits your face. Then, use an eyebrow brush to draw in your eyebrows for a natural look.

8) Eyeshadow for an Intense Eye Look

To create a beautiful eyeshadow base, choose three colours that suit you best, or you can increase the number of colours for a bolder look.

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8 Steps For A Flawless Makeup Application

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