Annoying Skin Problems That Most People Have To Face

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Don’t be fooled by Snapchat filters and Instagram photos; no one has such a smooth complexion without a trace of texture in real life. It doesn’t mean your skin isn’t perfect; far from it, we are all perfect in our own way. Whether it’s a pimple, some dark spots or a dull texture, we all have our own skin issues, whether it’s one or more. In this article, I will walk you through the most common skin problems and how to get rid of them.

The Mega Pustules

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Have you ever woken up with a super big pimple that can’t be squeezed out and is very painful when you touch it? I’ve experienced it a million times, and I know it’s not a pleasant experience.

How do you fix it?

You should wash your face every day with a salicylic acid face wash, I use one from the brand Quinoderm, but if you have dry skin, you might want to choose another one because this one is a little aggressive for dry or sensitive skin.

At night you can apply benzoyl peroxide to get rid of the bacteria. Some studies show that a spot treatment with benzoyl peroxide and cortisol, which you cover with a patch at night, works wonders. It claims that the pimple is reduced by 80% in the morning. Try repeating this method for two to three days, and the pimple will disappear completely, leaving no trace.

Super oily skin

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Where has my ‘super oily skin’ squad gone? I can’t get rid of super oily skin because, first of all, it’s genetic, and my fat glands normally produce too much sebum. For some, that may not cause acne, while for others, it may.

How do you fix it?

As I mentioned earlier, you can’t get rid of oily skin, but you can reduce the level of oiliness (if that makes sense). You can apply a clay mask once a week. Clay is known to absorb excess oil and can help reduce production (it won’t stop it, and it’s a good thing we all need sebum).


Have you ever seen brown spots on your skin that come out of nowhere? Not an acne scar or anything; they just show up here and there. You see them mostly on the forehead, above the lips and on the cheeks. Usually, they are the result of an overproduction of melanin in the skin.

How to fix it

You should wear your SPF daily; look for SPF 50 or even higher if possible. Wherever you go, whether it’s at the beach, at the office, or even if you stay at home and it doesn’t matter what the weather is. You need to wear SPF every day. This can be a nightmare for oily skin, but many brands make SPF suitable for oily skin. If you already have melasma, you can use vitamin C and niacinamide to keep the situation under control.

Ingrown hairs

This is a nightmare; they are literally hairs hidden under the skin. You usually suffer from ingrown hairs in the bikini line, but they can also be on your thighs. This is usually caused by closed hair follicles or accumulation over the surface of the skin.

How to fix it.

If the pimple is under the skin, you should use a benzoyl peroxide spot treatment on the area, unblocking the follicle. It is important to exfoliate your skin before shaving; this will remove any build-up. Make it a routine to exfoliate your skin (yes, not just your face).

These are common skin problems that you may encounter at least once in your life, so you can keep this on hand for when you need it. Let us know in the comments which of these problems you’ve already dealt with…

Annoying Skin Problems That Most People Have To Face

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