Biblical Beauty Secrets: Skincare Practices From the Bible

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Biblical Beauty Secrets: Skincare Practices From the Bible

Today, a vast majority of people are unhappy with their physical appearance. Yet, every single lady wants to look glamorous, young and beautiful. This is why no one leaves the house without makeup on.

Decades or centuries ago, women used to face unfair pressure to look beautiful and those who didn’t conform to the beauty norm were disregarded by the society. Unfortunately, today’s obsession with beauty comes from low self-esteem or because of COMPARISON – it’s horrifying how a 10-letter word can destroy the lives of many.

Who says that this actor or that beauty pageant winner is the standard of beauty? Everyone is unique and we should appreciate our own beauty. But, it’s sad how we have come to connect identity with attractiveness. This is why many books and blogs have been written on how to stay young and look beautiful. But, what does the Bible have to say about it?

Biblical scriptures tell us that God judges our hearts and our sincerity towards Him and not our physical appearance. The body and the flesh will perish, but the soul will never be destroyed; it will live forever on, either in hell or in heaven. However, this doesn’t prohibit us from taking good care of ourselves.

As beautiful creatures of God, we have the right to be conscious of our physical appearance and to look good in a way that we will give glory to God. If you read the Bible thoroughly, you will see that beauty was extolled through several women such as Queen Esther, Rebekah, Sarah, Deborah and of course, Bathsheba. As you go in depth into the lives of these Biblical characters, you’ll find that beauty was a reflection of their lifestyles. Each woman had a beauty manual and each story inspires a beauty lesson. So, let’s see how we can incorporate these ancient Biblical beauty practices into our modern skincare routine.

A Healthy Diet – Sarah

A Healthy Diet – SarahThe story of Sarah in the Bible exemplifies remarkable courage, faith and faithfulness. She was ninety years old when she conceived Isaac and it is said that she lived one hundred and twenty-seven years.

Throughout her extraordinary lifetime of 127 years as a spiritual leader and “the mother of nations,” it is surprising how she maintained vitality, mental well-being and natural radiance.

If you read Genesis 20-26, you’ll find that even at sixty-five years old, she attracted Abimelech, the Philistine king of Gerar.

But, what is the secret behind that long-lived beauty? What did she do to keep physically fit and look good?

The answer lies in the word “diet.”

Supercentenarians like Sarah have always been an indispensable resource for scientific investigation on longevity and scientists have found that a diet that is high in fiber and vitamins and extremely low in cholesterol is the gateway to a long life and healthy skin.

Sun Care – Deborah

Sun Care – DeborahDeborah is one of my favorite women in the Bible. She was the wife of Lappidoth and a prophet who used to hear God’s voice and share His word. She is also the most influential woman Biblical characters because alone (of course, with the help of the Almighty), she led the Israelites to a mighty victory against Canaanite oppressors.

She was not only a charismatic military figure, but also a powerful judge and people used to come from far to hear her judgments; they would meet and sit under a palm tree.

But, sitting under a palm tree in a dry, hot Middle Eastern climate can damage the skin of anyone, leaving it all dry, wrinkled and rough. How did Deborah then maintain her natural glow? What was her secret?

The Bible doesn’t expose us to any such answers, but researchers believe that an ancient form of sunscreen must have been used back then to prevent wrinkles and discoloration of the skin.






Biblical Beauty Secrets: Skincare Practices From the Bible

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