Colombian lifting, the Innovation of Body Care

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Over the years, a woman’s body undergoes many changes. Whether it’s because of childbirth or weight gain, a woman’s physique is constantly changing, giving her an unflattering appearance. To remedy this, several lifting techniques have been developed. Among the most successful, the Colombian lifting is the most talked about. What should we remember about this innovation? Here are the essentials to know about it!

Colombian lifting: Definition

As stated above, this is a revolutionary new technique. It makes it possible to give a firmer appearance to specific body parts, such as the buttocks, breasts, and thighs. This lifting is done using a machine that ensures the lifting and pumping the desired part using two suction cups. The procedure is painless. There are no injections or surgery of any kind.

How Does the Colombian Lifting Work?

This technique for increasing the volume of the buttocks or breasts works through a particular machine. It is a device that consists of two suction cups for each buttocks, breasts, or thighs. Once the machine is in place, it works like a vacuum cleaner. Indeed, its primary function is related to the suction of your fat cells and adipose. Once these are sucked up, the machine moves them to the areas you want to treat. Through this action, your blood flow and your muscles are strongly stimulated. This eliminates toxins from your body while promoting lymphatic drainage.

How Long Does The Colombian lifting Take?

As for the session, it is essential to remember that it lasts no more than two hours. Generally, the most prolonged sessions do not exceed one and a half hours.

As for the frequency, it should be noted that you need about 5 to 6 sessions for complete treatment and remarkable results quickly. However, depending on your needs, you can go up to ten sessions. It is also advisable to leave a margin of at least two to five days between sessions. Once the lifting increases the volume of your buttocks or breasts, it is recommended to decrease the number of sessions and keep it to one per month.

What Are the Advantages of This Innovation?

The first positive point with this method is that it is obviously painless. It is a procedure that will not hurt and will not cause any complications in the long term.

In addition, it is an effective technique that allows you to have more toned and shapely buttocks. The Colombian lifting also lets you firm up your skin and soften it while eliminating cellulite.

In addition, unlike some facelifts, the Colombian lifting can also work on areas such as the face, chin, shoulders, neck, and even the arms. It is the ideal solution to make the skin much more elastic. This technique will help you get rid of wrinkles and slim down your face.

A Few Tips To Ensure the Success of Your Colombian Lifting

Although this method is very effective, it is essential to specify that it is unfortunately not a miracle solution. In other words, accumulating lifting sessions is not enough to obtain complete satisfaction.

Therefore, drinking a lot of water and exfoliating your skin is recommended before the beginning of the session. After the sessions, do not rest on your laurels. It is essential to do gymnastics exercises and avoid sitting for long periods. Also, remember to eat a balanced diet to see results quickly.

Colombian lifting, the Innovation of Body Care

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