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Have you ever experienced your hair turning orange after bleaching or dull yellow after a long vacation in the sun? In such cases, a good silver shampoo can be a very convenient way to freshen up your blonde hair without going to a hair salon.

If you have blonde, gray, or highlighted blonde hair and have not yet used purple shampoo, get ready for a real revelation. Don’t be afraid of purple. A good silver shampoo is an absolute must for blonde hair, whether you are a natural blonde or have dyed hair.

What Is Silver Shampoo or Shampoo for Blonde Hair?

Before we talk about silver shampoo or purple shampoo for blonde hair, let’s discuss about blonde hair. If you have blonde hair, you probably notice that your hair turns yellow or orange before you get to the hairdresser. This is the so-called copper color and is caused by exposure to water, UV rays, and air pollution.

Purple shampoo, also called silver shampoo, is a hair care product formulated to neutralize the unwanted copper color. This shampoo can be used on light hair (including blonde, platinum, gray, white, pastels, and highlights), whether your hair is naturally light or has been dyed at a hair salon. The magic ingredient in this shampoo is a purple pigment.

Why Is It Purple?

The idea behind purple shampoo for blondes is based on classic color theory. Think back to the color wheel you used when you were in school. The color wheel shows that purple is the exact opposite of yellow. Since these colors are opposites, it means that purple can cancel out yellow tones. Therefore, applying purple shampoo to blonde hair will neutralize the copper color and lighten the hair.

Blue, Purple, and Silver Shampoos: What’s the Difference?

Please note: There is no difference between silver and purple shampoos for blonde hair. Both shampoos contain purple pigment, which neutralizes the yellow shade of light hair. That is why we interchange the terms purple and silver shampoo interchangeably in this article!

Blue shampoo works similarly to purple shampoo, but for brunettes. Blue and orange are opposites on the color wheel, so blue cancels out the red and orange tones in the hair. Hairstylists usually recommend brunettes use blue shampoo to neutralize unwanted reds and oranges.

How Often Should I Use Silver Shampoo?

It is recommended to use a silver shampoo once or twice a week. If you wash your hair more frequently, you should alternate between using purple shampoo (for blondes) and other shampoos which is suitable for color-treated hair.

However, everyone’s hair is different. If the coppery tint still bothers you, you may want to use the silver shampoo for blonde hair more often. On the other hand, if your hair has taken on a purple tint, switch to a non-pigmented shampoo until the color is neutralized again.

You can also dilute the purple shampoo with other shampoos for colored hair if you feel that the silver shampoo leaves too much pigment in your hair.

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How To Choose the Best Silver Shampoo for Blonde Hair?

With so many pharmacy choices, finding a good silver shampoo for blonde hair can be difficult. When shopping, keep these ingredients in mind to find the best silver shampoo.


Blonde hair, especially bleached hair, needs extra protein. Hair gets its strength from a protein called keratin.

Moisturizing Ingredients

Hair damaged by bleaching also has a high need for moisturizing ingredients. The best silver shampoos contain moisturizers that draw moisture into the hair from the environment.


Antioxidants, such as plant extracts protect hair by neutralizing harmful environmental factors such as UV rays and air pollution. Thus, they can also prevent copper dyeing!

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Everything You Need To Know About Silver Shampoo

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