Five More Gross Ingredients Lurking in Your Cosmetics

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From beer to fermented rice water, beauty enthusiasts have always tried weird things to obtain that soft, young and flawless skin.

But, what if I tell you that the beauty industry has used even weirder and gross ingredients in its products? Let’s find out how far they went.

#1. Human Infant Foreskin – Baby-Like Soft Skin

American Academy of Pediatrics: Circumcise Me, Baby

Apparently, baby penis is what you’ve been missing in your life. S for shocking, isn’t it?

Parents do not have the faintest inkling of what happens with the foreskins that are snipped off their babies’ private parts. But, we do. In order to give their customers a youthful and radiant look, many beauty companies are incorporating infant human genital skin into their skincare products, such as SkinMedica’s TNS line.

According to several studies, these human foreskin fibroblasts is packed with antioxidants, proteins, collagen and elastin and can hence promote new skin growth. But does that mean you can slather your skin with baby’s skin? Eww, even the thought of it disgusts me.

Want to know who uses this cringe-worthy ingredient? You will be double shocked.

Well, as an Oprah-watcher myself, I find it hard to believe that the 67-years-old Oprah Winfrey rubs human foreskin all over her face to look young. It is not only her favorite anti-aging skin ingredient, but she also believes it is a “magic fountain of youth and miracle wrinkle solution.”

In my whole lifetime, I couldn’t ever imagine Oprah saying that last sentence.

#2. Human Blood Facials – Soft and Rejuvenating Skin

Could a global 'observatory' of blood help stop the next pandemic? |  Science | AAAS

“Ever watched an episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami?” Ok, don’t even answer that. But, all you need to know is that just as her champagne photoshoot (or like any of her photoshoots), Kim Kardashian’s Vampire Facial selfie went viral all over social media. And, that’s what got people attracted to the PRP facial (platelet-rich plasma facial).

Platelet-rich plasma is taken from a person’s blood, combined with Restylane or Juvederm and then injected into the face with a micro-needle and coated all over the cheeks, nose and the areas around the eyes.

But, do you know why this facial is so popular?

Because supposedly, it can genuinely transform the look of your skin and encourage elastin and collagen growth for smooth and ageless skin.

A lot of women might be willing to “bear that pain” to look younger, but I personally think such treatment cannot be justified. And, who said that if a Kardashian has embraced human blood facial, we should also?

#3. Horse Fat – for an Absolutely Gorgeous Skin

Shire Horse, Horse, Brown Horse, Mane, Head

Wasn’t human placenta and urine disgusting enough? Must we now add horse fat to the list?

Sorry for all those who loved Black Beauty and The Mustang, but it seems like many Korean beauty companies used horse oil in their products, which is taken from the fat of dead horses. The reason behind such gross activity? Well, they believe horse fat can give you a youthful skin.

While many Western countries might be against such bizarre skin care ingredients, the Asian beauty industry doesn’t seem to give a care about it.

#4. Whale Vomit – A Classy Smell

Whale, Mammals, Animal, Marine Mammals

Good gracious, how far can human beings go?

Did you recently comment nicely on your friend’s perfume or dab a little eau de toilette just before going to work? Well, if so, then you or your friend might have been dousing yourselves with whale vomit. Actually, it’s only called as such, but in reality it is not vomit but instead, this mysterious crap is expelled from the rear ends of whales. In human terms, we call it poop.

So, if you smell like shit and want to apply some high-end perfume such as Chanel and Lanvin, know that your classy and long-lasting scent is actually coming from a load of “whale shit.”

#5. Donkey Milk – Ideal Skincare Ingredient

Donkey, Mule, Pasture, Grass, Eat, Animal, Nature

If you went through horse fat and infant foreskin, this shouldn’t surprise you.

Filled with omega fatty acids and vitamin C, donkey milk is considered as a perfect skincare base.

If Cleopatra bathed in it, does it mean you should also?

Whether it’s the beauty industry or mass media, beautiful and soft skin is being portrayed as a must. But, does that mean you will slather human foreskin or urine on your face for that?







Five More Gross Ingredients Lurking in Your Cosmetics

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