Different Types of Massages: Everything You should Know (Part Two)

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Many of us associate massage with serenity, so it’s certainly not always when we feel unwell or even when we hear about an illness that we try out massages as a therapeutic treatment. They can also be simply an option to relax. In our first article, we’ve seen what massages were mainly for and we’ve covered the different types of facial massages that exist.

In this second part, we continue listing the several types of massages that we can go for. Enjoy the reading.

Full Body Massages

A full body massage is one of the best procedures, which relaxes the whole body, improves general well-being, strengthens immunity, reduces nervous tension. The body gets to unwind from head to toe. Of course, just like the separate facial areas, body massages are performed in several types for different areas of the body.

Classical Full Body Massages

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In ancient Egypt, Greece and the Roman Empire, classical massage emerged as a hygienic procedure in sports and medicine. Today, classical massage is part of the therapeutic massage field. A classical massage is prescribed to treat various diseases, to normalize impaired functions of the body. During such a massage:

– The lymphatic system is activated.

– Blood circulation is improved.

– Toxins are eliminated from the body more quickly.

– Improves the regeneration of the skin, strengthens the muscles, improves their tone.

– The work of the internal organs is stimulated.

Back Massages

Back massage is an excellent procedure that not only relaxes the back muscles, but also relieves tension. In addition, the classic back massage is considered therapeutic, especially if performed regularly. Back massage can be performed either on a specific area or on the entire back.

When a full back massage is performed, individual muscle groups are massaged. Full back massage improves blood circulation, the lymphatic system and accelerates the metabolism.

Back massage is one of the most popular procedures, and its benefits are invaluable:

– Reduces muscle tension.

– Improves well-being in cases of osteochondrosis, herniated intervertebral disc with spinal deformity.

– Helps in case of back pain in the spine.

– Adjusts muscle tone and imbalance.

– Improves general well-being.

– Improves sleep.

– Improves mood, increases work capacity.

Anti-Cellulite Massage

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There is probably not a single woman who doesn’t dream of getting rid of cellulite or at least reducing it. Cellulite appears on the outside of the skin in the form of lumps, bumps, and it is actually an increase in fat cells that accumulate toxins. Unfortunately, in women, the fat cells are on the surface, which explains why this disorder is more feminine. The causes of cellulite are diverse:

– A sedentary job, little physical activity.

– An unbalanced diet.

– Lack of water in the body.

– Smoking.

– Stress.

– Sudden weight loss.

– Hormonal imbalance.

As you can see, the reasons for cellulite are really numerous and if you encounter at least one issue, make sure to change it. However, this does not mean that cellulite will suddenly disappear. This requires many different procedures, and one of them is anti-cellulite massage.

An anti-cellulite massage not only gradually reduces cellulite, but also prevents its appearance. During this massage, the problem areas are actively and mechanically touched, the blood circulation is activated, the reduction of fat cells is stimulated, the lymphatic system is normalized, toxins are eliminated from the body, the skin is tightened and the metabolism is improved.

The anti-cellulite massage is performed by hand. During this massage, the fat layer is displaced by certain movements. Various mechanisms are used, as well as oil, honey, chocolate and other substances. All this not only reduces cellulite, but also improves the general condition of the skin. So ready to try?

After learning more on massages, what are your thoughts on them? Is there any specific one that you would love to try? Let us know in the comments below!

Different Types of Massages: Everything You should Know (Part Two)

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