Kiss Goodbye to Your Chapped Lips

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As it is a very sensitive area, we need to take care of our lips daily to keep them moisturized and beautiful. And today, I will tell you my best tips!

Lips are a very sensual part of the body that we need to pay special attention to in order to keep them juicy and without damaging skin. Since they have almost no sebaceous glands, it is an area that tends to dry out and crack easily, especially with weather changes and wind.

Tips for Taking Care of Our Lips

Stay Moisturized on the Inside

The first step to keeping our lips hydrated is to start moisturizing from the inside out. Drinking enough water a day, infusions count too! And having fruits and vegetables as part of our daily diet will make our skin hydrated in addition to keeping us healthy.

Don’t Suck or Bite Them

This is a bad habit that many people have, especially in times of stress or even as a tic. Sucking constantly our lips, contrary to what many people believe, does not keep them hydrated, but dries them out much more.

If we got dead skins, do not be tempted to bite them! This way, the only thing you will get is that the skin will turn into a sore and your lips will look much worse, in addition to the pain that this causes.

Exfoliating the Lips

Exfoliating the Lips

As with the face or body, in order for the lip balm to penetrate better and for our lips to be hydrated, it is necessary to exfoliate them.

In addition, with exfoliation, we will remove dead skin.

They sell lip scrubs in many places, we can even find them in supermarkets, but we can also make them ourselves with very few ingredients, always considering our skin type and allergies before making any mixture.

  1. Coconut oil, sugar and olive oil: mix a tablespoon of each of these ingredients until you have a smooth mixture. Gently massage your lips in a circular motion with the mixture.
  2. Olive oil, honey and sugar: as with the previous mixture, to take care of our lips with this homemade scrub, you need to mix a tablespoon of each and massage the lips. This can be done once a week.

Honey is an excellent healing agent, so if we have wounds, we must exfoliate carefully, but we will surely get a faster healing.

After massaging the area with our lip scrub, we remove it with warm water, pat it dry without rubbing and apply our favorite lip moisturizer.

Remove Makeup Properly

This is a somewhat forgotten area in this sense, and we are not aware of the impact that not removing makeup properly can have on the skin of our lips.

More and more, we’re looking for lipsticks that stay on for hours and hours, but the downside of fixed lipsticks is that most tend to dry out quite a bit.

To remove them from our lips, we must use a product adapted to this area or an oil that completely removes our lipstick, such as coconut oil. We put a little of the chosen product on a cotton pad and remove the product gently, always from the outside in, being careful not to rub excessively.

Protect Them from the Sun

Just as you use sunscreen on your face or body, we should do the same with our lips when we expose them to the sun. This area is very sensitive and can easily burn and become excessively dry.

There are lip balms that have a sun protection factor, so the next time you go sunbathing, don’t forget to take care of your lips.

With those tips, you are definitely going to kiss goodbye to chapped lips and be left with a smooth and well-hydrated pouty.

Kiss Goodbye to Your Chapped Lips

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