Let’s Talk About Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

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We tend to be very concerned about what we eat. How was this meal prepared? Is it healthy? What was in it? But when it comes to buying beauty products or makeup, many of us forget to do so.

Yet, what we apply on our skin also goes into our body, meaning that the epidermis absorbs all those toxic components that most products have. Yes, you read that right and although you probably never realized it, these harmful ingredients do not stay on the surface layer of the skin. Although some well-known brands explain that the percentage of toxic substances in some of their creams and makeup is minimal, if you put them on every day, they become a poison, which can lead to allergies and skin changes.

One of the components that we usually consider good for the skin are the mineral oils, a liquid derivative that is obtained from a process of distillation of crude oil, an indication that they are not at all commercial, but it is very profitable to improve the appearance of creams regardless of the consequences that their use causes on the skin and health.

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Like these mineral oils, there is a long list of toxic substances that are used in creams, toothpaste, makeup, shampoo, etc., that we do not know and that do not make them easy on the list of ingredients, because they give them the most complicated names so that we do not know the true origin of it, therefore, the best option for our skin and our health is to always opt for the most natural products.

One example would be to use vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics and makeup products that are winning over more and more consumers every day. The brands that make these products are generally concerned about animal welfare and prohibit any testing on our furry friends when developing their formulas. From natural skincare to nourishing hair care, some cosmetic brands are committed to maintaining a 100% cruelty-free approach.

But what does that do for you? When you use these skincare options, you do not only get a guilt-free skincare routine without unnecessary harmful chemicals like parabens and synthetic dyes, but you also get the added comfort of their products on your skin.

Benefits of Using Cruelty-Free and Vegan Cosmetics and Make-Up

  • Since they are made from natural ingredients, they are ideal for all skin types, unless you have an already identified allergy, even for sensitive and intolerant skin, it is a favorable option.
  • Active ingredients that the skin receives in its entirety without clogging pores or creating irritation.
  • Cruelty-free, you’ll be helping and supporting the elimination of animal testing around the world.
  • Many vegan brands use recycled and collaborative economy materials, which promotes environmental awareness.
  • Despite what you might think, as with food, creams, serums, makeup, and other “cruelty-free” and vegan products, they are not expensive. In fact, there are high-quality products that are much cheaper than luxury brands.

So cruelty-free and vegan products, any thoughts about them? Share them with us in the comment section below.

Meanwhile, we hope that our article will help you to take better care of your skin and have a deeper look at the ingredients when choosing your beauty products.

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Let’s Talk About Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

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