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The quest for flawless and ageless beauty is endless. But, it isn’t really surprising to find that along the way, many have gone for some weird, or should I say pretty disgusting, skincare ingredients.

If you think you can stomach it, here are the grossest things that have been used in the skincare industry.

#1. Bird Poop – the Main Ingredient in Geisha Beauty Facials

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According to bird symbolism, some birds represent beauty. But, does that mean you will smear your face with a total load of bird shit?

Geishas are known around the world for their exquisitely simple but breathtakingly beautiful skin. Time and time again, people have desperately tried to get their hands on the secrets behind such elegant beauty. Only in this century have we come to know that behind their flawless and ageless complexions lies bird poop. And, please, they prefer to call it “nightingale feces.”

Uguisu no fun, also known as the “Geisha Facial”, is a face mask made from the excrement of a particular bird, called the Japanese bush warbler. The origins of this skincare go back to the pre-Edo period (the final period of traditional Japan), where only elite women used this method to make their pores smaller and remove discolorations and blemishes.

Known as the “Geisha’s Secret” or “Powder of The Goddess”, this facial mask is widely used, especially in Japan as it can not only whiten the skin and balance the skin tone but can also get rid of blemishes and keep wrinkles away.

And, even though no one knows why it really works, this facial mask has been selling like hot cakes.

#2. Sewage Extract – A Natural Exfoliant

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Imagine the word “sewage” appears on one of your skincare product’s ingredient list. You would toss that thing right in the trash bin, isn’t it? But, what if you’ve been applying this to your face all this time?

Despite several disagreements received from the beauty industry, many claimed that several skincare products, particularly some from Korea, favored the use of sewage extract as a gentle and effective method to strengthen skin and get rid of dead skin cells.

#3. A Splash of Human Urine – Obtain a Goddess-Like Skin

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Holy Mackerel! How far can people go to obtain a gorgeous and radiant skin?

As per some in the industry, it seems like urine consists of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and enzyme-rich properties that can help to treat acne, eczema and fungal skin problems.

I don’t know for you, but I’ve still got a little bit of sanity left, which will never allow me to drizzle urine into my face.

#4. Human Placenta – Revitalize Aging Skin Cells

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What? You’ve heard it right. I think the beauty industry should consider resigning as this beauty product ingredient undoubtedly defies the human comprehension.

In the beginning, many skincare companies went for sheep or pig placenta and it seems like celebrities such as Simon Cowell, Donatella Versace and Victoria Beckham found no problem slathering themselves with sheep placenta facial.

But, what’s new and current on the market: human placenta face creams (of course, only for those who are willing to spend extravagantly for it).

Any reason behind this crazy idea? Apparently, stem cells and collagen found in the protein-rich placenta consist of a significant dose of nutrients for the face and can even give a younger-looking skin. While some dermatologists prefer using human placentas, others think it is more human to opt for animal placentas. Either way, it sounds disgusting to me.

#5. Bull Semen – For a Glorious Look

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If you are not really a fan of bull (who are, by the way), you may not be thrilled to learn the source of some high-end shampoo and hair products.

If you weren’t sufficiently grossed out yet, let me tell you that if you used a protein-rich conditioner for your dehydrated hair, there is a possibility of it containing bull semen. Imagine all those suds making their way to your face when you are rinsing off your hair.

You may have found it gross to rub egg yolk and cream cheese all over your face. But, what about those mentioned above? This nasty stuff can make you lose your appetite, but what if, unknowingly, you’ve been using these items in your beauty regime?

Top 5 Gross Ingredients Lurking in Your Cosmetics

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