Let’s Talk About the Popular GUA SHA Facial Massage

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Hello cosmetologists and skin care enthusiasts! As the title suggests, in today’s article, we will share all the details and benefits of an oriental massage technique that has become very popular around the world, as it is easy to learn, has great benefits and can be applied with materials we have at home. Let’s start!

This is a special massage technique that originated in East Asia and is over 2000 years old. It is considered to be a natural therapy which, from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, can cure any disease by “scraping” the skin.

The foundation of this technique and its effects is based on “the connection of the inside of the body with the skin”. Chang Ching Yueh, from the Mong dynasty, describes that the diseases of the body are caused by external factors that, by penetrating through the skin, alter our organism, so the “Acuraspado or Gua Sha technique” sends back all that has entered the body to the outside.

To achieve the effects described by Chang Ching Yueh, a thorough study of traditional Chinese medicine is necessary, as well as the diseases that this technique cures. However, there is an application of this massage that provides multiple benefits for the beauty of the skin.

GUA SHA facial massage is used for facial rejuvenation by causing a lifting effect since:

  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Reduces flaccidity
  • Reduces blemishes
  • Adds muscle tone
  • Restores youthfulness by bringing luminosity and color to the skin
  • Relaxes facial expression, giving the client a more youthful appearance.

How does all of this happen with a technique in which we do not use devices, chemicals or surgery?

It happens through the “scraping” that is done on the skin with a rounded instrument at its ends. This friction promotes circulation, oxygenation and nutrition of the skin. It also relaxes muscles such as the jaw, chin, orbicularis oculi, pyramidal and frontal.

The instruments used in this massage technique are spoons, ceramic bowls, coins or combs. Currently, specially designed buffalo, cow or sheep bone applicators are used, as well as stones such as jade and obsidian for their energetic properties. However, GUA SHA massage can also be performed with spoons or other instruments used for this purpose.

Here are some of the advantages of jade and obsidian for which these stones are used in Gua Sha facial massage.

Jade Obsidian

It is mainly used for infections, inflammations and muscle contractures. For all hot conditions. The stone of truth, brings self-knowledge, personal power, strength and protection.

Chinese jade traditionally has a good energetic quality and is a rare treasure for the human body. Releases suppressed feelings, so that they can be channeled in another way, for example through creativity and art.

  • Reduces heat in the stomach. It is used to sedate and balance excess energy
  • Normalizes breathing As far as the relationship between gemmotherapy and health is concerned, it would have beneficial properties on the reproductive system, the large intestine and the small intestine.
  • Improves the water supply to the lungs and heart.
  • Regulates the voice
  • Prevents hair dryness
  • Strengthens the internal organs and systems (liver, stomach, circulatory system, vision, hearing) and the mind.

To carry out this massage, cosmetic products such as a moisturizing or emollient oil or cream for the face are also used in order to carry out a scraping that does not hurt the skin. Essential oils of pine, rose, lavender, lemon or rosehip or sesame oil are usually used.

As you will see, this treatment is ideal for you who, as a cosmetologist, like to pamper your clients with new techniques and great results or for you who are starting a career in this wonderful world of the Spa.

Have you done the GUA SHA massage before? If yes tell us about your experience and if no, are you ready to try it? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Let’s Talk About the Popular GUA SHA Facial Massage

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