Red Spots on the Skin: Everything You Should Know

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If you have ever observed red spots on the skin of the body, you should know that their appearance can be due to many factors.

Depending on the cause, red spots can vary in shape, location and size: they can be the manifestation of a disorder in the place where they appear or the effect of more extensive problems, and can also appear at the same time as other discomforts.

In addition, red spots can appear on the skin of children and adults, equally for women and men.

It should be said right away that the appearance of red spots should not automatically be associated with serious reasons, but knowing the most common causes can help you identify the problem immediately. Read on to learn more about skin blemishes and how to get rid of them.

The Most Common Causes

We’ve already seen that there are many possible triggers for the appearance of red patches on the skin, most often the manifestation of different types of conditions that are not necessarily skin problems.

The appearance of spots on the skin is a fairly common phenomenon that affects many areas of the body: these, in fact, can appear on the face and neck, in general, on other areas, such as the chest and back, arms and legs, hands and feet.

Let’s see what can be the main reasons for the appearance of these spots:

  • – Contact with irritating substances and/or chemical agents contained in detergents, solvents, household cleaning products and detergents;
  • – Irritation due to rubbing or friction of the skin
  • – Sweating;
  • – Erythema, which manifests as redness of the skin area;
  • – Emotional causes, such as stress and intense fatigue;
  • – Excessive production of sebum on the face and chest, where the sebaceous glands are concentrated;
  • – Exposure to heat, sunburn and burns;
  • – Particularly low temperatures, which can cause skin tissue to freeze.

Given the many causes, if you notice red spots on your skin, we advise you to contact your doctor and, in this case, a specialist in dermatology: only after a careful analysis of the skin disorders will the dermatologist be able to provide you with a diagnosis and suggest a therapy adapted to your type of problem.

Associated Symptoms

Red spots, in addition to being a blemish that can create discomfort, can also appear in conjunction with other troublesome symptoms.

When they appear, the spots appear as red, circular marks, and can reach a diameter of a few millimeters to a few centimeters. However, it is not impossible that they have an irregular appearance and spread over large areas of the skin.

Sometimes, along with the formation of pimples, you may feel discomfort, pain, burning or itching, as well as swelling or small blisters on the skin. Another symptom that can be found is itching: this sensation can emerge when the red spots appear with reliefs on the dermis that can be small or extensive; or, your skin can feel itchy when the irritating condition makes it particularly dry.

In all cases, medical investigation followed by examinations and controls is the best way to understand the reason for these symptoms and, therefore, to intervene effectively on the problem.

How to Treat Red Spots on the Skin

If you have noticed the presence of red spots, whether they are in the form of simple redness, relief or a skin lesion, there are a few practical remedies to relieve the dry feeling or the annoying itch.

You can find relief with the application of a soothing cream or gel to massage into the area affected by the blemishes. There are many cosmetic products on the market that focus on natural ingredients and formulas.

In any case, if the itching sensation becomes more persistent and important, try to resist the temptation to scratch, as this could aggravate the skin’s irritation or even cause new eruptions!

When red spots are the result of a sudden and temporary condition, and are short-lived, there is no need to resort to remedies to make them go away: the problem will most likely disappear on its own in a short time.

If the problem persists, as mentioned earlier, we advise you to contact your doctor or dermatologist: as the causes of the spots may concern disorders unrelated to the consequences on the skin.

Do you have any other similar skin condition? How do you deal with it? Share your tips with us in the comments below.

Red Spots on the Skin: Everything You Should Know

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