How to Treat Facial Dandruff?

First of all, I won’t be copying or pasting any answers from Google, I’m writing this blog based on my personal experience.  In medical terms, dandruff is known as seborrhea. This is a very common skin problem that is said to affect around half of the global adult population. In this condition, the fungus, called […]

Women’s Hair Loss: Causes, Treatments, and Solutions

Hair is a major part of someone’s identity- it is a large portion of their personality and style. However, hair can change through life, as it is exposed to many changes itself be it in the atmosphere, heat damage, color, weather, or even age. In the past, most women were neglecting their hair as they […]

Tips Every Girl with Frizzy Hair Needs To Know

Frizzy hair may be a major source of embarrassment in the beauty world. You smooth your hair for hours, yet the first touch of moisture in the air turns your fine strands into a lion’s mane in desperate need of taming! Frizz may, of course, be the result of dry hair. There is too much […]

More Into the Rich History of the Beauty Culture

Today’s beauty culture begins with complete hygiene of the face, body, and hair. A clean, healthy appearance is a must. Many beauty authorities agree with the Roman poet Propertius who wrote, “The face is ever best as nature made it.” But, was it the same centuries ago? In the last article, we learned about ancient […]

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