The Ridiculously Thorough Guide To Vampire Facials

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At this point, you have probably seen or heard about vampire facial, thanks to the infamous internet queen, Kim Kardashian, and since she posted it on her Instagram, vampire facial has gained in popularity. They are currently extremely popular in South chorea and are an alternative to dermal fillers.

However, how much do you really know about vampire facials? And does it even work, or is it just another rich people hoax that has gained in popularity for no actual reason? Don’t worry because we are here to teach you more about vampire facials, and we’ll discuss whether they really work or not.

What is a vampire facial?


It is also known as PRP therapy or Platelet-Rich Plasma. In general, a facial is a way to remove dead skins cell, increase circulation and even unclog your pores, and this helps to deliver more nutrients to your skin cells. A vampire facial involves extracting your own blood and using it as the central ingredient of the facial. The blood is put into a centrifuge, and they are separated into 3 components: plasma (which will go on top), platelets and blood cells (which be in the middle), and red blood cells (at the bottom).

They are divided in this way because their weight and mass are not the same, and this separates them, and this is made possible thanks to the centrifuge. For the purpose of PRP therapy, only the middle part of the plasma and blood cells are used, and this is known as the serum portion. Platelets contain pockets called alpha granules that secrete high levels of growth factors. This has shown to be effective in treating and healing wounds, improves skin elasticity, texture, and even volumes. Vampire facial is a non-invasive procedure, and platelet-rich plasma is reintroduced to your skin, and cell turnover is stimulated.

Who can perform vampire facial?


If you ever want to get a vampire facial, you will want to get it done by a certified professional known for being professionals in this specific treatment. Because it involves blood, the equipment needs to be sterile thoroughly before and after every treatment. By sterilizing the equipment, they are making sure that no disease spreads from one patient to the other. The person performing this surgery should be sterilizing their equipment and wearing a glove; if they aren’t doing this, then you might want to skip that appointment.

However, it is essential to know that there may be risks associated with the vampire facial, and in 2018, the New Mexico Health Department closed some local spas after 2 clients re[ported being infected with HIV after getting a vampire facial in those specific spas. The transmission of bloodborne diseases is possible if the equipment isn’t properly sterilized. Even though Kim Kardashian has [posted about it on her Instagram, it is essential to know that vampire facials are not approved by the FDA (Food and Disease Administration).

Benefits of Vampire facials


You should be aware that when done by a professional, the average vampire facial costs around 1000 dollars, and this is because there is a lot of things that go behind making this specific treatment. You are also paying for the experience when it comes to a vampire facial, and this is why it is on the pricier end.

It can help with premature wrinkles, high levels of sun damage, but it is also for anyone who wants a more even-toned complexion and for people who desire to look fresh. You should avoid the PRP treatment, especially if you have a history of blood diseases like bleeding disorder or clotting. If you are afraid of needles, this might also not be the perfect treatment for you.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us if you want to try a vampire facial.

The Ridiculously Thorough Guide To Vampire Facials

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