Facial Skincare: 6 Steps to Follow before Going to Bed

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Establishing a beauty routine before going to sleep is usually one of the least appreciated habits when preparing for sleep. Cold weather, environmental pollution, sun exposure, makeup, lack of sleep are some of the factors that, added to time, accelerate the aging of our skin.

During sleep, the body begins to relax the muscles, increase cell renewal and initiate the process of oxygenation of the skin, which helps to nourish it. For these reasons, it is essential to take care of it and follow a cleansing and moisturizing routine to prepare it and leave it in optimal condition before going to sleep, allowing you to have radiant, hydrated skin every day. Want to know how to get perfect skin? We’ve got 6 beauty tips for before bed that will help you have radiant, healthy and beautiful skin.

1.Remove Your Makeup

Facial hygiene is a great beauty secret. While you sleep, the skin absorbs everything that covers it more quickly, for this reason, makeup removal is essential to eliminate chemicals and impurities in general that have accumulated during the day on the skin.

After removing your makeup, it is highly recommended to wash your face with warm soapy water to remove accumulated grease and dirt.


Exfoliating your face and lips once a week is necessary to remove accumulated dead skin cells, thus promoting cell renewal, which slows down over time.

The benefits of exfoliating your skin are to:

  • Improve the texture of the skin, leaving it silky smooth.
  • Reduce the appearance of blemishes on the skin. By exfoliating and removing dead skin cells, you free it from dark spots.
  • Prevent acne. When dead skin cells clog pores, oil builds up under the skin, causing blackheads and pimples to appear.
  • Facilitate the absorption of skin care products. This way, you will get the products you use to have the effect you are looking for.



Toning is the next step in your beauty routine. Toning helps close pores, remove soap scum and prepare the skin for further moisturizing. Although this step is usually the least used, it is essential to use it daily, applying it to the neck and face.


Once your skin is clean, apply a moisturizer to repair, soothe and rest it. While we sleep, the skin absorbs the active ingredients you apply to it much better. Moisturize your skin from face to toe and you’ll noticeably improve its appearance.

5.Wear Masks

Facial masks are another option for cleansing the face of impurities that also help moisturize the skin. It is advisable to use them twice a week before going to sleep. You can find masks with different purposes: moisturizing, detoxifying, increasing circulation and replenishing nutrients.


Exercising stimulates blood flow by increasing oxygen to the skin, which helps maintain the effects of skin care products. Also, by exercising, muscles are toned, leaving skin firm and youthful. If you exercise outdoors, you should protect your skin with sunscreen.

Extra Tips: While Sleeping

Night Treatments

There are other products that should only be used at night because the benefits they can bring to your skin require rest and have a better effect through the process explained above. Here are some of these treatments to use before bedtime:

Nourishing creams: although they seem to have the same effect as moisturizers these have the main function of skin regeneration, as they provide lipids that regenerate the cells of the dermis. They are strongly recommended for mature and dry skin and should be avoided in case of acne-prone skin.

Depigmenting agents: they are also called whiteners or creams to lighten the skin, whether due to the sun or aging. You must follow the instructions on the package carefully as some of them should not be mixed with exfoliating or moisturizing creams.

Regenerating creams: these creams are responsible for restoring the elasticity that the skin loses over the years. They are recommended for use after age 40 and usually contain compounds such as hyaluronic acid or retinol.

Always remember that a good rest helps to reduce or avoid dark circles and bags under the eyes. Therefore, if you add the corresponding hours of sleep to your beauty routine, you will always have bright, youthful and soft skin.

Do you have any other tips that we didn’t mention above? Share them with us in the comments below!

Facial Skincare: 6 Steps to Follow before Going to Bed

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