Why Should You Wash Your Hair With Cold Water?

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Many people have heard that taking a shower with cold water is good for the hair. But does ice water really do the trick? We’ll help you find the answer!

Cuticle layer

The trick with cold water is based on the anatomy of the hair shaft as seen from the outside. All hair has a surrounding layer called the cuticle, which is a layer of cells that are invisible to the naked eye. These “scales” open and close depending on the temperature of the water as it drips through the hair. This is what makes all the difference.

Washing Your Hair With Cold Water

If you have a microscope, you can see the difference. When you wash your hair with cold water, your hair scales stay closed all the time, your hair color stays beautiful and lasts longer, and your hair doesn’t look dull and fluffy. In addition, the shine of your hair will be greatly enhanced. In fact, it is not recommended to wash your hair with too much hot water because it will damage your hair.

 Washing Your Hair With Hot Water

Okay, we don’t recommend boiling water, but we also don’t like the idea of ice water on the head. Don’t worry; you can start washing your hair with lukewarm water. A good degreasing with lukewarm water will help to remove hair care products and residue.

However, if the water is hot, not only will it remove dirt, but it will also away the ingredients that protect your hair, making it damaged and weak. This may cause hair loss to occur more easily. Besides, washing your hair regularly with hot water can make your hair porous. This is because the hair shaft absorbs water causing the hairs to swell. This can result in dry and brittle hair. Hot water can also increase your risk of burning your skin or scalp.

If you’re still having trouble getting used to the cold water, simply bend down and throw your hair over your head after washing and rinse again with cold water. This way, your body and scalp will not be splashed with cold water, but you will still benefit your hair and scalp from the cold water rinse.

Cream and Conditioner Rinse

If you really don’t want to take a cold shower (we know what you mean), you can of course, opt for a smooth conditioner or balm. These hair care products mimic the process of cold rinsing since they close the hair cuticle.

How to Clean Hair

Leave-in Conditioners

Cold showers can remove the excess without eliminating all the moisturizing ingredients. It also closes the cuticle, which has a two-fold effect. It locks in nutrients and moisture to the hair. And as the cuticle layer closes, the cells flatten out, ensuring a beautiful shine.

However, if you don’t like cold water, you can use a cold leave-in conditioner instead of a splash, which your hair will appreciate. The cold conditioner helps to close the hair cuticle much better. Simply place the leave-in conditioner in the refrigerator and apply it to your hair after shampooing.

Keep in mind that not everyone thinks that this method is suitable. For some, icy cold water can constrict the scalp’s capillaries and temporarily reduce blood flow. Therefore, you should be very careful and ensure that the water should be cold and not iced. Then, point the jet at the roots of the hair to save the scalp.

Do you prefer washing your hair with cold or hot water? Have you noticed any difference in your hair? Let us know in the comments below!

Why Should You Wash Your Hair With Cold Water?

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