10 Tips To Stop Biting Your Nails

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Are you a nail-biter and want to get rid of this annoying habit? Do you want to regain your proud hands and enjoy well-groomed nails once again? Here are some special tips that can really help to stop nail-biting!

What is Nail-Biting?

Nail-biting is the annoying habit of biting off part of the nail or the skin around the nail. It may seem like a harmless act, but it can seriously affect the fingers, teeth, and gums. Many people bite their nails when bored, stressed, or nervous. They are not proud of this habit because their fingers and nails are often not clean. So, it’s best to stop, and with these tips, you will definitely succeed!

1) Take Care of Your Nails

File your nails a little each day to avoid straining the nails and skin. Biting your nails for long periods will cause them to become brittle and thin, and they will crack prematurely. Therefore, taking care of them with oil will help them grow strong and healthy. Once you have beautiful nails, you will surely be able to keep them that way.

2) Apply Anti-Nail Bite Products

Many products are so bad-tasting that you will soon stop biting your nails. Some products can also make your nails grow faster, so be sure to apply them liberally to your nails. Wouldn’t that be handy to have?

3) Remind Yourself It’s a Bad Habit

Nail-biting is usually unconsciously done and comes automatically if you’re used to it. Therefore, you must remind yourself about it. For example, wrap a brightly colored rubber band around your wrist and look at it as a signal that you should avoid biting your nails.

4) Think About Your Health and Surroundings

Imagine how much bacteria can enter your mouth when biting your nails. These bacteria can cause chronic bad breath, which is very unhealthy and contaminating.

5) Reward Yourself

Have you surpassed yourself by not biting your nails for a few days now? Then why not reward yourself with something delicious or something you’ve always wanted? This will motivate you to work harder next time.

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6) Distract Yourself

Give the hands a place to play an active role. For example, playing with rubber bands is good, but chewing gum is also effective. As long as you have something in your mouth, you are less likely to bite your nails.

7) Ask For Help

Tell those around you that you are trying to stop biting your nails. You will surely get a lot of understanding and cooperation. They will point out what you are doing, and you can gradually get rid of this bad habit.

8) Take Good Care of Your Teeth

Dentists agree. Nail-biting causes significant damage to the teeth. Imagine broken or worn teeth, misaligned jaws, and swollen gums. It’s not fun, and it’s an expensive joke. Keep this in mind the next time your finger moves toward your mouth.

9) Address the Cause

Do you bite your nails because you are stressed? Then deal with that stress first. After that, we can bet you will bite your nails less often!

10) Manicure

Reward yourself with a manicure or gel nails by painting your nails a beautiful color. This will give you beautiful, well-groomed nails that are hard to bite. If you live in Victoria, visit SOHO Nails for nail care. They offer everything you dream of, from natural nail care to nail extensions and enhancements! Don’t hesitate to contact them for more details.

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Let us know if these few tips have helped you in the comments below!

10 Tips To Stop Biting Your Nails

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