Top 5 Best Ways For Men To Started With Their Skincare Routine

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Taking care of your skin can be difficult, especially when you don’t know what you’re doing, and it can become quite overwhelming. However, having clear skin isn’t just for the stars, and it’s something that anyone can achieve by following a few fairly simple steps. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some simple tips on how to have clear skin.

1. Start small


You may religiously follow the ten steps of the perfect beauty ritual and want him to try them right away and embrace skincare as you did. But calm down and try to put yourself in his shoes. This may be a bit much for someone whose skincare so far has consisted of running water over their (severely dehydrated) face and calling it a skincare routine.

Remember when you first started? It took you a while to learn, understand and appreciate each product. You have to let it do the same. So relax and start from the beginning.

2. The basics

A non-negotiable basic skincare routine for everyone is a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen- nothing more, nothing less. Choose a quality, gentle cleanser (low or neutral pH is best), a light, non-greasy moisturizer that can be used day and night, and a broad spectrum SPF of 50+.

There are several moisturizers on the market for every budget, and some even contain SPF, but we don’t recommend them. Why not? Because: they will need another moisturizer for the night, which will unnecessarily complicate things,

They’ll have to put on a LOT of said moisturizer, and his skin can become very oily very quickly. So it’s best to start with 3 separate products- two to use at night and all three for the morning: a cleanser, a moisturizer, and sunscreen.

3. Apply a mask 


Let’s say you’ve done it, and he now washes his face regularly and doesn’t need to be reminded to apply sunscreen. Good news! Now it’s time to take the next step. But proceed with caution. If you introduce too many new things at once, it can backfire. Masks are an extra step you can easily add to spice up her ritual. They are beneficial to the skin and have received mainstream approval as a blended skincare product thanks to Instagram being fueled by selfies of couples bragging about their experiences with masks.

When you’re about to settle down on the couch to watch Netflix in the evening, tell them you’re going to put on a mask and casually ask if they’d like to try one too. Choose a mask that isn’t messy and will stay in place on his face. Explain how to use it or, better yet, apply it for him. He’ll feel loved, and his skin will glow- everyone wins! And who knows, maybe this will become your new weekly ritual that he’ll look forward to.

4. Solve the problem

Most men are rational and like a challenge, so start by highlighting a problem. Have you noticed he wakes up with flaky skin? Does he have very large pores? Acne? A deep wrinkle on his forehead? Tell him, explain why it’s a problem and show him how to fix it (remember, it should be super easy!).

After you’ve drawn his attention to something he may not have noticed before, he’ll be more likely to listen to you talk about skincare since it’s now the topic he’s interested in. And while you’re grabbing their attention, feel free to explain the active ingredients in one or more of the products you recommend. Highlight one or two key ingredients in the products and explain why they are a great solution to her skin problems.

Framing the “skin care discussion” as a “problem-solution” discourse will help them become more aware of their skin problems and will increase their motivation to continue when they see an improvement.

5. Share your products 


Sometimes it’s easier to get into the skincare habit by purchasing one of these “men’s” lines. They usually come in convenient boxes with a clean, simple design. Another advantage is that they’ll probably have no qualms about using a cleanser, toner, and lotion since it’s a set.

As time goes on and he becomes more comfortable with skincare in his daily life, try to bring up the idea of using the same products. If your proposal is met with some resistance, cite the financial factor: buying separate skincare products can quickly add up, not to mention the extra clutter in the bathroom. No man will turn down the prospect of saving money.

Opting for well-formulated, blended products is the best solution for your man’s skin and your wallet. If you have similar skin types, you can easily share the majority of your routine, introducing only a few small tricks if necessary. But even if you don’t, you can still share certain products, like a cleanser, toner, or exfoliator. Ideally, though, you should each have your products.

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Top 5 Best Ways For Men To Started With Their Skincare Routine

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