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Do your kids have enough time for relaxation? With jam-packed days and rigid schedules, children nowadays seem more stressed out than ever before. Have you ever stopped to think if there are any effective ways to help them cope and unwind? If so, read the tips below:


Deep breathing for relaxation

Deep breathing is a fantastic technique for your children to combat stress as it lowers their heart rate and blood pressure and improves their respiratory health. So, teach your kids to breathe in deeply, hold their breath for a few seconds, and then breath out slowly. They should repeat this process several times! You can also teach your children simple meditation techniques to use at home or school in stressful moments. Meditation can help them relax, and it may also increase their concentration.

Progressive muscle relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation techniques can help your child a lot. The technique includes:

Face: Ask your kids to squeeze and relax their nose and forehead a few times.

Jaws: Tell them to clench and release their jaw a few times.

Arms and shoulders: They should stretch their arms and raise them above their head a few times.

Hands and arms: They should move their palms and arms as they squeeze a stress ball.


Stomach: Tell them to lie on their back and contract their abdominal muscles. They should repeat it a few times and then try it in a standing position.

Legs and feet: Ask them to press their toes against the floor and spread them while standing.

You can also add more fun to the activities by imagining scenarios! It is because it will attract your kids’ interest and hence reduce their anxiety more effectively!

Visual guided imagery

Visual guided imagery or visualization is another fruitful relaxation technique! For instance, you should ask your child to imagine any place where they would like to be and then create a similar atmosphere for them. You can also use music related to the visuals and aroma candles! I usually tell my child to visualize herself dancing in the rain or relaxing on a beach!

Laughing for relaxation

Do you agree that laughter is the best medicine? You should therefore adopt this technique to help your child relax! Moreover, humor will capture your child’s attention and make him or her eager to learn! You may also try the following ways to make your child laugh:


  • Reading comic books

  • Watching funny cartoons

  • Playing funny games

  • Telling family-friendly jokes and funny stories

Stretching for relaxation

Stretching will help your children to relax their muscles. Doing it before exercise will also reduce the risk of muscle injury. In addition, you can motivate your children to stretch in between their study time, before going to bed, and in the morning. You might also like to teach them some yoga poses!

Exercising for relaxation

Did you know that according to experts, your kids require a minimum of 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise daily to maintain good health? However, their safety comes first! The following tips may help you to ensure their safety:

  • Use sun protection

  • Stay well-hydrated

  • Eat nutritious food

  • Use proper shoes and equipment

Also, an additional workout is unnecessary for a child who does lots of sports as it might cause exhaustion.


Music for relaxation

Soothing music is an excellent way to calm your kid. As well as reducing stress, it also increases sleep quality, reduces pain, and promotes brain development! Moreover, music also helps your kids to improve their social skills and their language skills!


Cuddling is the best way to release stress in your kids. While cuddling or hugging your children, their body releases a hormone called oxytocin that reduces their stress levels. You can also encourage your kids to cuddle their siblings and pets!

Fun activities

You may also try some exciting activities appropriate for your children’s age. The following activities and games will be helpful for you:

  • Bubble blowing

  • Swimming or other water games

  • Writing letters to family members

  • Cooking and gardening

  • Dancing

  • Painting


These relaxation techniques could help your kids to manage stress and regulate their emotions. They are also useful to treat health problems such as body pain, headache, and bed wetting, and also help to get rid of bad habits such as nail-biting and thumb-sucking! Your kids are constantly growing and learning new things about life. When you spend quality time with them, you bond with them! It will enable them to trust you better and express themselves well! However, your participation in their relaxation routine is vital as they also seek your guidance! Happy relaxation time with your kids! Please do not forget to share your comments below!

Latest Effective Relaxation Tips For Kids

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